Meepo Mini 5 Review – Best affordable electric skateboard

Since 2017, Meepo Board has dominated the market for inexpensive electric skateboards, if you’ve been following their news. Since 2019, the Meepo Mini 2 electric shortboard has been one of their most well-liked models.

The newest electric shortboard in Meepo’s portfolio, the Meepo Mini 5, was ultimately debuted in 2023.

We can’t wait to dive into this review and find out what improvements the 2023 Meepo Mini 5 brings to the table, especially considering that the base version costs $469 and the Extended Range version costs $599.

Will Meepo continue to be the best option for a cheap electric shortboard? Let’s investigate!

Build and specs of the Meepo Mini 5

  • 8-ply Canadian maple deck
  • Electronic Speed Controller: LingYi ESC; push-to-start; 4-speed modes
  • Batteries: 144Wh battery for the standard version and 288Wh battery for the ER version.
  • Marketed Range: ER version: 19.8 miles (32 km), Standard version: 11 miles (18 km).
  • Engines: 5002 Hub
  • Top Speed as Advertised: 28 mph (45 kp/h)
  • 5th generation Shredder 45° trucks Wheels for trucks: 90x60mm, 78A

Fans of the brand may be somewhat familiar with the Meepo Mini 5’s specifications. The Meepo Mini 5 and the most recent Meepo V5 both use the same electronic parts. The only difference between the two versions is the deck; they both share the same ESC, battery, motors, and trucks.

The Meepo Mini 5 deck is made of 8-ply Canadian maple, and it has no flex whatsoever. With a length of 30 inches, it features a useful kicktail and a reasonably substantial concave. For all-electric shortboards, this aggressive deep dish concave, made popular by the late Boosted Mini, has become the norm. The shortboard is significantly more responsive and enjoyable to ride thanks to its aggressive concave.

The 2023 Meepo boards in the design category adhere to the same color scheme, which is black and gray. We like the straightforward, tasteful, and polished vibe that this look provides.

The weight of the board is 17.9 lbs (8.12 kg), making portability easy.

Speed control – Punchy 4th Speed Mode

The Mini 5 has a LingYi Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), just like the Meepo V5. It has a push-to-start feature, so when you push the board forward, it turns on immediately. The ESC includes four individually ajustable braking settings and four different speed modes. The LingYi ESC can adjust its control profile for any rider. It is renowned for its mild, smooth acceleration in the first three speed settings and punchy fourth mode.

Sincerely, I believe Meepo could have done without the Mini 5’s fourth mode. Only a small portion of e-skaters would desire such a punch from their shortboard.

The first three speed options, which give smoother acceleration, are recommended for beginners.

We have to admit that, when compared to this most recent version of LingYi ESC, Hobbywing ESC still offers a little bit smoother control. Even so, the change is negligible. Probably only eskate reviewers will be aware of it.

Strong Brake

But many people favor the braking profile that the LingYi ESC offers. The brake can be set to the fourth, extremely powerful level that some eskaters won’t ride without.

We were perplexed by the selection of the remote controller, as we highlighted in our Meepo V5 review. Instead of using the standard LingYi remote with a screen, Meepo created a remote that looks like the common Hobbywing ESC remote.

Unfortunately, there is no LCD on this remote to show speed and range. You’ll need to get the Meepo 5s remote ($69) or connect your Mini 5 to another LingYi ESC-compatible remote if you really want a screen on the remote.

A basic 4AH 144Wh battery with a stated range of 11 miles (18 km) and an extended range version with a 288Wh battery with a claimed range of 19.8 miles (32 km) are both available for the Meepo Mini 5.

With our 188 pounds (85 kg) test rider, we produced 13.5 miles or 22 km while riding at high speeds after receiving the ER version. This outcome is as we anticipated. The Meepo Mini 5 and V5’s base 4AH version has a range of 10 miles or 16 kilometers. Obviously, if you ride slowly or adopt a healthier lifestyle, you may get far more distance from a single charge.

500W dual hub motors, which are quite powerful for an entry-level electric shortboard, power the board. These motors are clearly more powerful than what is required for a shortboard, and even bigger riders should be able to use them to climb steep inclines.

Fastest Top Speed for a Shortboard

Meepo asserts that the motors’ top speed is 45 km/h (28 mph). In fact, we reached a high speed of 44 km/h (27 mph) throughout our test. On an electric shortboard, nobody should go any faster than this.

Regarding the vehicles, Meepo has upgraded their recognizable Shredder vehicles. These Meepo 7-inch trucks have a good return to center and are inclined at 45 degrees. They are highly responsive.

We remarked in our Meepo V5 review that these trucks are fairly loose and carvable right out of the box. This made the board agile and simple to control in confined settings, making it ideal for navigating around people or making quick bends.

Of course, the kicktail is available for making tight bends, but we recognize that not everyone is familiar with its use. That’s all right; we won’t pass judgment.

This implies that you should go the extra mile and tighten the trucks if you wish to ride at high speeds. The default setup is too unstable for that.

90mm wheels are used by Meepo Mini 5. The quality of the front wheels is fairly high. They were reportedly produced by the same wheel company as the late Boosted.

The hub motors’ urethane is still relatively thin, though. The rumble of the road can be rough. Remember that the board doesn’t have much flex, so that doesn’t help either.

When riding for an extended period of time on uneven pavement, especially on an electric shortboard with hub motors, this can be agonizing. Therefore, if that describes your regular trip, think about purchasing the 105mm donut wheels from either Meepo or Cloudwheels for $89 each. You won’t eventually require knee replacement surgery thanks to this update.

As an alternative, you might decide against purchasing a shortboard with hub motors and instead choose something with a flexible deck and belt motors as a starting point.

Goodbye, Meepo Mini 2 

At first, we assumed the Meepo Mini 5 would be the same board as the Mini 2, with upgraded features like waterproofing, greater polishing, and higher-quality parts. We examined the board and found that they are, in fact, two totally different types of shortboards.

The Meepo Mini 2 rides, in my opinion, like a short electric longboard. Because the truck layout favors stability over ease of turning, it is ridiculously strong yet stable. Although concentrating on power and stability for a shortboard doesn’t make much sense, it stood out from other electric shortboards. Because of that distinction, I liked the Meepo Mini 2.

Meepo Mini 5 VERDICT – Best Choice for Power and Portability

I’m sorry to see the Meepo Mini 2 depart, but let’s move past the past and give the Mini 5 our assessment.

The Meepo Mini 5 is a reliable electric skateboard that checks all the right boxes at $469. It is quick and flexible. It boasts a respectable range, simple-to-use speed control, remarkable power, and a high top speed. The Meepo Mini 5 is a simple choice for anyone looking for a stylish portable electric skateboard when all of these factors are taken into account.

Nevertheless, the Mini 5 was not designed to be used for riding on tough terrain or if you were searching for the fastest shortboard.

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