How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

The budget issue always arises, whether skating is your new passion or you’ve opted to spice up your skateboarding. What is the price of a nice skateboard? Do I choose the pricy options to have a nice skateboard?

Setting a budget might be difficult. But do not worry.

We’ll talk about all that and more in this article to save you from overpaying for a skateboard that only has half the stated features.

To give you full control over the quality, we will also walk you through How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost when making your own.

How Much Do Skateboards cost

You are not the only one who struggles to determine how much money to spend on your board. Skateboarders frequently become confused because there are so many options available on the market right now.

Skateboards range in price from $20 to $300, based on the quality, brand, and store where it is bought. Whether you are more concerned with the longevity of the materials or the brand will also affect the price.

The board will cost you roughly in the center of the price range if you buy the pieces separately and last you for about five years. Any modifications you make to your skateboard will increase or decrease the cost, depending on your decisions.

Set your settings in advance because a skateboard will drastically affect your performance. A small amount of extra money can result in twice as much fun. However, you must be careful how you use the extra money.

If you’re just starting out, consider your preferred skateboard style as well as how frequently you’ll be skating. The quality that would satisfy your needs and budget follows.

Types of Skateboards

Your needs and skating preferences will determine the kind of skateboard you need to purchase. Your budget will also be affected by it.

Here are the seven primary types of skateboards and their prices.

Beginner Skateboards

These skateboards are perfect for new skaters who want to experience the excitement of skating without breaking the bank. Although not the best, this variety is adequate for beginning and moderate skaters.
Skateboards of average grade cost between $40 and $70.

Classic Skateboards

These skateboards are a versatile choice since, with the exception of cruising, they accommodate a variety of skating techniques. Based on these skills, they are divided into additional groups.

Typical skateboards cost between $60 and $400.

Street Skateboards

These thin skateboards are mostly used by skaters who wish to perform slides, grinds, and tricks in urban settings.

For convenience of usage, they’re equipped with popsicle stick-shaped decks with tiny wheels. Most likely, you have seen one of them in an advertisement or a park nearby.

Costs for street skateboards range from $70 to $200.

Blank Skateboards

Professionals can use blank skateboards, and you can still receive good value for your money. They are easy to use and make skating uncomplicated.

The majority of these boards are solid colors without any elaborate patterns or ornamentation.

Blank skateboards cost $50 to $110 per.

Professional Skateboards

They are typically found during skating contests because they are mostly used in competitions. You can easily learn to ride them because they have a sturdy deck.

Skateboards used by professionals cost between $100 and $250.

Longboard Skateboards

Longboards provide you the acceleration you need for downhill skating and are made for long-distance cruising.

These skateboards provide a firm deck base, making them perfect for beginners. They do have some limitations, though, and you won’t be playing any tricks on them.

You can get a longboard skateboard for anything from $60 to $500.

Kids Skateboards

These skateboards are designed with kids in mind, as the name would imply. They are less expensive and provide the bare minimum in skating safety.

Skateboards for kids range in price from $20 to $45.

Factors Affecting Skateboard Costs

Skateboards’ kind mostly determines their price, but there are other considerations as well. These consist of:

Factors Affecting Skateboard Costs


The price tag is significantly influenced by the brand’s popularity. In comparison to other brands, popular skateboards frequently sell for more money.

The quality and design of these more expensive boards may or may not be superior. Without first examining the board’s quality, you shouldn’t rely on a brand name.


Each kind of skateboard has unique qualities that have an impact on how well it works. Your decision will be influenced by your unique skill set and the goal of your board.

For instance, is a skateboard necessary to compete in tournaments? If so, you’ll need a professional skateboard, which is generally going to cost more than other types.


When it comes to skateboards, cheaper does not always equate to better. It’s hardly surprising that some less expensive models have proven to be more durable than popular ones.

Many skateboards that are inexpensive but still have wonderful characteristics can be found. There are also more expensive solutions that are totally worthwhile. Simply be sure that your investment is well-considered.

Buying Location

You might find it strange, but where you purchase your skateboard will also have an impact on its cost. You may come across stores that are simply more expensive because they are well-known in their local community.

How to Make A Skateboard

How to make a skateboard

Skateboards made from home won’t cost nearly as much as ones purchased from a store. Why?

The cost to produce a board is influenced by the location and the quality of the raw materials. The price goes up through the distribution chain until it reaches the retailer.

In other words, if the board cost $30 to manufacture, you will wind up paying the shop $50 to $75. These projections serve solely to provide you with an idea of how much expenses will rise across the distribution chain.

How much does a good skateboard, made yourself, cost then?

Depending on the type of materials you choose, it may cost you $75 to $150.

Selecting high-quality components will raise the overall cost of production. The cost of each skateboard components is as follows:

  • Truck prices range from $30 to $50.
  • Decks cost between $30 to $90.
  • Wheels typically cost $30.
  • Bearing prices range from $10 to $100.
  • The average price of grip tape is $10.
  • Including elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads, protective equipment can cost up to $200.

Information on Skateboards

Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination before you start making your own skateboards.

Information on Skateboards

Purchase sturdy skateboard trucks

The wheels and bearing are shielded by skateboard trucks, which attach to the underneath of the board. This component becomes even more important when building your own skateboard.

Depending on the skating style, skateboard trucks come in a variety of brands, sizes, and quality levels. The trucks you select should be the right size and caliber for your boat.

Rotate the Proper Wheels

Skateboard You can customize wheels to your tastes and choose from a variety of sizes. How you skate may vary depending on the size of the wheels.

As a general rule, larger wheels will enable you to skate vertically or cruise more quickly. For street skating and doing tricks, the smaller ones are more stable.

Remain with Simple Griptape

One of the numerous items that may make or ruin your skating experience is grip tape. Get a basic grip tape that costs roughly $5 to get started. A colored or printed grip will run you between $10 and $20.

Choose the Proper Hardware

It can be difficult to get the correct nuts and bolts, so it is advisable to be safe and purchase one-inch-long bolts. It can be rather bothersome, so if you’re new to this, you might wish to purchase colored bolts to distinguish between the nose and the tail.

Avoid wasting money on bearings

As the more expensive bearings are primarily used for cruiser boards and longboards, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on bearings. Bearings that are reasonably priced will last you for years if you take excellent care of them.


The hardest part of skating might just be choosing the correct skateboard, but not for you.

Some high-quality boards are available for under $300. Others will set you back a lot of money just because of the brand.

Make sure to set aside some time to conduct research and determine the type of skateboard you want or wish to manufacture.

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