Can You Lose Weight Longboarding?

It’s enjoyable and a terrific method to keep or get in condition to go longboarding. You will burn calories even if it isn’t as strenuous as skating.

Depending on the sort of board you ride, longboarding can help you lose weight and burn between 300 and 400 calories each hour. More calories are burned when you push a longboard more forcefully. The biggest calorie burning activity is skateboarding.

It was actually rather taxing when I first started drifting around town to try a few boards! Let’s examine how longboarding can aid in weight loss. Just be aware that there are several longboard types, and that some are more effective for losing weight than others. But the focus should be on enjoyment.

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?

People who weigh around 125 and 185 pounds would burn between 300 and 444 calories every hour, according to study from Harvard Medical School. Even while it may not be as efficient as jogging or cycling, this is still a lot of fun for burning calories.

Longboarding typically burns 4 to 7 calories per minute, or between 240 and 420 calories per hour. Between 1680 and 2940 calories will be burned each hour of riding. The latter falls short by 500 calories each week of losing one pound (0.5 kilos).

Not too shabby for a pleasant workout, but you won’t be riding every day. Beginners will experience soreness, but you’ll probably burn more calories due to your continued difficulty balancing on a board.

Lack of knowledge and practice will initially result in fat burning at the price of foot cramps. Just think of it as a light workout. The food and beverages you consume remain the most crucial factors.

Keep in mind that you will burn more the harder you push. Don’t discount high-quality wheels in favor of top-notch bearings because they will make it simpler to keep speed. Additionally, poor wheels and bearings will intensify the workout.

Remember that calorie estimates are not always precise; instead, it is important to consider your body type and level of fitness. Since it’s only an estimate, neither calorie calculators nor apps will provide precise results.

Does Longboarding Make a Good Workout?

Since longboarding is a cardiac workout, it will increase your heart rate, which will strengthen your cardiovascular system. Longboarding is a great option for people who don’t want to run or can’t get a bike.

Although you won’t lose as many calories, you’ll still have fun and pick up a new skill. There are several longboard styles, some of which are rather intense, as was already indicated.

  • On a smaller longboard or skateboard, cruising typically entails pushing more often. For an hour, it was harder to keep up.
  • Longboarding: a longboard with the normal longer deck and larger wheels. little effort is required, and it is simpler to accomplish for an hour.
  • Extremely intensive and perhaps equivalent to skating is longboard dancing. It involves talent and endurance.
  • the rush of speed from bombing hills downhill. Requires loads of experience and talent, not something novices should attempt.
  • Slalom: Involves plenty of cutting and pumping, which can be rather tiring.
  • Free ride: Similar to downhill but at lower speeds, plenty of sliding and spins. Not for novices.

Beginners would probably do better to stick to cruising or longboarding. You’ll discover what you enjoy the most along the route.

Keep in mind that cramps in your feet are possible. It can create a few minor problems because you’re not used to pushing a longboard and possibly will first struggle with equilibrium. Take a few days per week to rest; this will pass in due course.

Cramps will disappear as you gain experience. Just remember to drink plenty of water and ride without stamping your push foot.

What Are the Benefits of Longboarding?

Longboarding is not only entertaining and beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. You get to spend time outside and get some vitamin D. Additionally, you might find a local longboarding scene to socialize with and make new friends with. Here are a few advantages:

  • Increased power and endurance in the muscles
  • No cost vitamin D
  • Gaining access to nature
  • Enhances the caliber of your slumber
  • Making new acquaintances elevates your mood and releases endorphins, which eases stress
  • Activate your blood and adrenaline

Which Muscles Are Used in Longboarding?

Although longboarding trains more muscles than you might anticipate, it won’t give you that lean body. The majority of the effort will, of course, be done by your legs, but you will also engage your core, particularly your abs.

You are working out just by maintaining your balance while using a longboard. As soon as you learn how to pump, the intensity increases. While pumping, your core as well as your legs are worked. Although it’s challenging to master, with time and work you’ll get it.

Numerous muscles are used for carving, pushing, slowing down, and speeding up. You will definitely perspire! Longboarding exercises the following muscles:

  • Many vertebrates have a big muscle on the rear of their upper limbs called the triceps.
  • A sizable muscle located on the front of the upper arm, between the shoulder and the elbow, is called the biceps.
  • The muscle known as the deltoids is responsible for the human shoulder’s rounded shape.
  • The massive triangular-shaped muscles that cover the back of your neck and shoulders are known as the trapezius.
  • Rectus abdominis: Your abs, a pair of muscles that run vertically on either side of the human abdomen’s anterior wall.
  • Latissimus dorsi is a sizable, triangular-shaped back muscle that is useful for exercises like pull-ups and swimming.
  • Obliques: On the lateral borders of the abdominal region, there are two broad, thin, superficial muscles called the external obliques.

That’s basically it. Depending on your overall level of fitness, you may feel sore the day after your first session or perhaps the next. It will pass eventually and only shows how much stronger you are becoming.

Longboarding vs. Skateboarding as Exercise

Longboarding vs. Skateboarding

Longboarding and skateboarding are quite different sports. Skateboarding is lot more intense and longboarding is more about endurance, although it depends. Skateboarding generally burns more calories. Let’s quickly review the distinctions:

  • Longboarding is simpler and less taxing than skateboarding, which calls for greater pushing and balance.
  • Depending on your weight, one hour of vigorous skateboarding can burn up to 800 calories, but you can’t skate for an hour nonstop.
  • When you first want to learn how to ride, longboarding is fantastic.
  • Injury rates are lower for longboarders.

Can I Longboard If I’m Overweight?

Yes, it is possible to longboard if you are overweight. A good longboard can withstand a lot of damage, but you should watch out for a board that is too flexible. Learning to bike will be very challenging if there is too much flex!

If you want a longboard that can support your weight, take a look at the finest longboards for big riders. The longboards mentioned all have high-quality construction and are not from Amazon. Low flex, high-quality parts, and sturdy boards.

Do Longboards Have a Weight Limit?

While some assert that longboards can support up to 250 lbs, the truth is that the quality actually makes a difference. While certain boards can handle more than others, riding a longboard about town won’t break it in half.

Don’t get a board that is excessively flexible, as I previously advised. You will still be able to ride it, but it will be more difficult to balance and perhaps uncomfortable.

A Good Diet is Important

Let’s make it brief as you probably don’t need to know this. Longboarding all day long won’t help you slim down. Eat your fruits and veggies, and try to avoid sugary drinks and snacks. Consume a lot of protein to increase muscle mass and, as a bonus, protein also aids in fat burning. You will lose weight if you consume less calories; even eating 300 fewer calories than you require will aid in weight loss.

Get enough rest and recuperate so that your body can adjust to exercising. Take things carefully and avoid going all in. You can burn out if your goal is to drop a lot of weight quickly.

You can still indulge on the occasional burger and fries as long as you make up for it!

Last Words

Exercise on a longboard is enjoyable and beneficial. You’ll work hard on strengthening the stabilizing muscles in your hips and back, butt, and legs. Longboarding or skateboarding are more enjoyable forms of exercise than most; this will keep you inspired.

You can do it whenever you want, except when it’s pouring outside, and it costs less than a gym subscription. Just be sure to begin slowly and build up over time. After 15 minutes of longboarding, you’ll start to perspire, so get a bag and some water.

I’m the type of person that gets a yearly gym membership and will quit after a few weeks because most routines are monotonous and uninteresting. Longboarding and skateboarding, however, never grow dull. The most effective workout is ultimately the one you love.

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