Best Skateboards For 9-Year-Olds (Purchased & Tested!)

Perhaps you’re unsure of what to get when shopping for a skateboard for your kid, nephew, or grandchild. You’re in the correct place because we evaluated a few skateboards that work well for youngsters as young as nine (and older).

This page lists a few skateboards that we particularly like, and at the conclusion I’ll explain some terminology, steer clear of certain types of skateboards, and provide skateboard adjustment instructions. Don’t forget to read up on what to do when riding a new skateboard for the first time.

Best Skateboards for 9-year-Old Boys and Girls

The quality of the skateboards’ decks, wheels, trucks, and bearings were evaluated. We consider style that is most appropriate, pricing, beginner friendliness, and durability. The skateboards on this list are all top-notch; the bad ones weren’t included.

Lest I forget, we also looked for appealing designs for children. The desire to skateboard is greatly influenced by a skateboard’s appearance.

1. SkateXS Skateboard

Let’s come together with the best skateboard you can find. For more than ten years, SkateXS has specialized in designing skateboards for young children. They sell skateboards for boys and girls of all ages, including those as young as nine.

The selection of parts is what distinguishes this skateboard from others. These are carefully chosen for children who want to master skateboarding and perhaps learn some tricks.

SkateXS Skateboard

Best Skateboards for 9-year-Old
  • 7-ply bamboo and Canadian maple deck for durability and eco-friendliness
  • Polished trucks for responsive and smooth turning
  • 53mm SkateXS wheels with a 99A durometer for a smooth ride on smooth surfaces
  • Customized concave and kick tail for control and maneuverability, designed specifically for young skateboarders
  • Wide range of graphics and colors to choose from, including custom designs for personalization.

The trucks are incredibly strong and lightweight, and they have softer bushings that make turning easier without losing balance. The responsive arrangement also makes it easier to maintain control when moving forward or suddenly having to fix a small error. It will be less likely to tumble because of this, and the trip will also be more fun.

The vibrant wheels (also offered in black and white) are cushioned and appropriate for riding over tiny stones and cracks. Also, maintaining pace needs less effort, allowing kids to concentrate more on maintaining control and their balance.

The bamboo maple deck is also incredibly strong and long-lasting. Nowadays, the majority of children’s skateboards are constructed of birch, which is not as good as maple and bamboo. If you don’t know what makes a good skateboard, it’s an easy way to save money.

Kids skateboards from SkateXS are even better quality and have better wheels, bearings, and trucks. Not necessary for 9-year-olds, but interesting to see. SkateXS also sells safety equipment for children; at the very least, buy a helmet.

Why We Like This Skateboard

SkateXS skateboards don’t have any drawbacks. Although they might cost more than the inexpensive skateboards you sometimes see on Amazon, they are safer, more dependable, and not mass made.

Excellent customer service is provided by SkateXS, which enjoys assisting customers in selecting the ideal skateboard for young children. Visit SkateXS to see what’s available.

You receive the best parts, which fit together properly,
Kid-friendly graphics.
An eco-friendly, long-lasting bamboo and maple deck.
A comfortable ride that works well on streets, sidewalks, and skate parks
Exceptional customer service from folks that genuinely care about children and want what’s best for them

What We Don’t Like

Although there isn’t anything we dislike about it, this skateboard isn’t the ideal choice if you don’t want to spend $120 USD on one. You might want to look at used skateboards if you still want a good skateboard for a lot less money. Skateboards that have barely been used are frequently available for much less.

2. Meow Skateboards

Check out Meow skateboards if you think the graphics on Enjoi are adorable. Meow is a brand that is very new but is quite popular. They also care about providing high-quality skateboards because they are still a small firm.

Many larger brands followed in offering lower-quality decks once bigger brands like Powell Peralta or Santa Cruz started to scrimp. Meow doesn’t skimp on quality and charges a reasonable price for a maple deck with soft wheels and respectable trucks.

If you want a trustworthy skateboard but don’t have the money for a SkateXS, this is a wonderful alternative. It has light, tiny wheels that make riding on it comfortable.

Meow Skateboards

  • 7-ply maple deck for durability and strength
  • Independent trucks for stable and smooth turning
  • 52mm Meow wheels with a 99A durometer for a smooth ride on smooth surfaces
  • Medium concave and kick tail for control and maneuverability
  • Feminine and quirky graphics that reflect the brand’s identity

Although it also provides traction on smoother ground, the Meow Complete performs well on rough terrain. Suitable for skating on paved surfaces and city streets as well as skate parks (both indoors and outdoors).

It does take more work to push and keep up speed, although this became a little better after some modifications.

Meow provides skateboards in a variety of sizes; the one seen here is 8.0′′, but for 9-year-olds, we suggest choosing one that is around 7.5′′.

This skateboard provides a stable riding sensation and exhibits predictable behavior. At first, turning is a little more difficult, so I advise slightly releasing the kingpin axle nut. Because the bushings need to break in, turnability typically gets better with time. If the child is particularly light or has problems spinning the board, only adjust the trucks. The article’s conclusion has more information on this.

Why We Like This Skateboard

Meow is a company that aims to inspire girls to join the skateboarding community. You can support the need for more female skateboarders by purchasing a board from Meow. Both boys and girls can play skateboarding!

Apart from that, their skateboards are quite cool and include fantastic graphics (my fave) and high-quality parts (except the bearings). As compared to the leading brands, the pricing is relatively reasonable, and Powell Peralta—one of the major companies—offers higher-quality skateboards for the same price.\

What We Don’t Like

I find one thing to be a nuisance: maintaining speed takes considerable effort. The little 52mm wheels do not rotate very far, but I believe that they saved money by using fewer bearings.

Its “rollability” is slightly improved by loosening the axle nut and applying silicon lubricant, but still not significantly. It is a drawback but not a deal breaker because you also receive a maple deck and good truck and wheels.

This won’t be a problem at first, but as kids become more adept at riding, replacing the bearings may be worthwhile.

If I have to compare it to the SkateXS children’s skateboard, the quality isn’t comparable. Although the trucks, wheels, and bearings are of poorer quality, they are also somewhat less expensive.

3. Blind Complete Reaper

Younger children can choose from a wide variety of excellent skateboards from Blind with fun, vibrant graphics. While aesthetics don’t really speak to a skateboard’s quality, they certainly encourage riding. This specific skateboard is 7.75′′ broad, making it perfect for a child who will turn 10 soon or who is a little taller than their peers.

No of the size or graphic you choose, Blind offers both girls’ and boys’ graphics. Other from the graphics, all of their boards are built of the same materials.

Blind Complete Reaper

  • 7-ply maple deck for durability and strength
  • Tensor trucks for responsive and precise turning
  • 52mm Blind wheels with a 92A durometer for a smooth ride on rough terrain
  • Full concave and steep kick tail for control and trickability
  • Reaper graphics for a bold and edgy look

The trucks are produced by a respected company named Tensor, which is owned by Rodney Mullen, a well-known skateboarder. These are standard Tensor trucks, but they are lightweight and trustworthy. They provide enough stability and a nice turn for new skateboarders.

The 92A wheels, which are relatively soft and able to handle grity roads or little obstacles, are one of the best qualities. While being small (53mm), they are less likely to become stuck than the tougher wheels that are frequently found on children’s skateboards.

Birch, which is used to make the deck, is not as resilient as maple or bamboo. Moreover, Blind sells maple skateboard decks that must be put together by the customer. Birch isn’t the worst, but it’s also not the finest material for young skateboarders or beginners.

In this instance, the pressing procedure makes use of a high-quality resin to increase the product’s strength. Blind skateboards are single-pressed, so every deck is precisely the same shape and does not come out distorted.

When a deck needs to be replaced after a year or two, it’s a good idea to swap to a maple deck. By then, the bearings, trucks, and wheels will all still be functional.

Why We Like This Skateboard

Given today’s price hikes, Blind offers a great quality skateboard for a competitive price; you can frequently find them for under $100. It has great stability and rides pretty well.

One of the few brands, Blind, has a sturdy maple deck structure together with high-quality trucks and softer wheels that improves a child’s ability to manage a skateboard.

What We Don’t Like

The birch skateboard deck is of worse quality than Canadian maple. Compared to maple, birch is more likely to split and to break. Birch also pops moist because it is weaker and softer when crushed.

This indicates that it is more difficult to kick the tail of the skateboard off the ground when performing a trick.

Kids and beginners don’t start doing tricks right away, so this isn’t a problem for them, but it is something to be aware of. When a deck is cracked or splintered, it is simple to replace it, far simpler than assembling Ikea furniture.

. Girl Complete Skateboard

A well-known skateboard manufacturer, Girl also makes some excellent skateboards for youngsters. Girl is a brand for both boys and girls, or more accurately, for everyone who enjoys skating.

Although this skateboard is available in a variety of graphics, the parts and price are the same. Get the appropriate size and the maple variety.

Girl Complete Skateboard

  • 7-ply maple deck for durability and strength
  • 52mm Girl wheels with a 99A durometer for a smooth ride on smooth surfaces
  • Royal trucks for stable and precise turning
  • Mellow concave and kick tail for control and maneuverability
  • Classic Girl graphics for a stylish and timeless look

Comparing this skateboard to the others on the list, it has a really unique shape. Its widest point is 7.75′′, and its shape is virtually oval. This indicates that there is more space on this skateboard for a child to put their feet. This skateboard is easier to rectify when you tip it slightly off balance since it is more forgiving when you make a small error.

The low trucks on this skateboard are another fantastic feature; as a result, the center of gravity is reduced. This makes controlling and balancing a skateboard simpler. The SkateXS skateboard is the only one that has this capability as well.

It has small, durable wheels that are excellent for skate parks but also work well on standard asphalt or paved surfaces. Depending on the surface, they either create a little more noise or are less pleasant than the wheels of the other skateboards.

Compared to the Meow skateboard, it is one of the quicker skateboards and doesn’t need as much pushing to sustain speed.

Why We Like This Skateboard

This is a fantastic skateboard for riders aged 9 and up due to its lower center of gravity, distinctive form, maple deck, and affordable pricing. There are several options available if you don’t like the graphic, and the Girl full skateboards are all rather similar.

We also noticed that it makes excellent turns and quickly returns to “neutral.” Beginners benefit greatly from predictable skateboards, and this particular skateboard provides an excellent and stable riding experience.

Finally, you receive a maple skateboard deck, which typically costs between 70 and 80 dollars. The best material for skateboard decks is maple, so I’m delighted Girl didn’t skimp on quality in this area. Female decks have proven to be incredibly durable in our prior testing.

This is the second best skateboard you can buy for a kid, however it’s not quite as good as our top pick.

What We Don’t Like

There isn’t much that I don’t like when the price and component quality are taken into account. The wheels on this skateboard are a little bit noisier and harsher than on other skateboards.

On more challenging conditions, such grittier asphalt, this can be uncomfortable. Riding on smooth terrain is advised because the wheels are more prone to become wedged behind small objects or become stuck in cracks.

5. Enjoi Skateboard

A fantastic kids’ brand with cute and amusing visuals. Except a few small variations in the trucks and bearings, this complete is extremely comparable to the Blind skateboard. We discovered it delivers a really stable ride after giving it some testing.

Children can turn and carve with little effort, and it returns to its original position quickly when they change their stance. The wheels and bearings appear to operate well together because it also maintains its speed rather well.

Enjoi Skateboard

  • 7-ply Canadian maple deck for durability and strength
  • Tensor trucks for responsive and precise turning
  • 52mm Enjoi wheels with a 100A durometer for a smooth ride on smooth surfaces
  • Full concave and steep kick tail for control and trickability
  • Fun and playful graphics that reflect the brand’s irreverent attitude

For children who are already proficient skateboarders and are near to the age of ten, this is a terrific skateboard. It may take some getting accustomed to because it is wider than the other skateboards. Little children shouldn’t use this board because it is just 8.0 inches wide, while taller children will benefit from the longer deck and wheel base.

The 92A wheels provide a very smooth feel and don’t pick up little debris like twigs or pebbles. This makes it a highly beginner-friendly skateboard that also gives more experienced kids more self-confidence. The skateboard’s regular behavior makes it simple for kids to manage and modify their stance.

Why We Like This Skateboard

Enjoi consistently provides a good selection of skateboard parts that are suitable for youngsters. With good bearings to keep speed up, the softer wheels provide a smooth ride.

For kids who are taller and are seeking for their next skateboard, it just rides well and provides a lot of stability. In comparison to the inexpensive items on Amazon, it is unquestionably an improvement.

On asphalt, concrete, and paved surfaces, it glides smoothly, and the wheels don’t get caught easily. A reasonable price for a good skateboard

What We Don’t Like

In order to reduce the price of their completes, Enjoi also converted to birch skateboard decks. However, the pricing does not reflect this because they are still as pricey as their older, higher-quality maple counterparts.

The 52mm wheels aren’t fantastic for lengthy, comfortable rides; instead, they work best for skate parks and tricks.

6. Santa Cruz Street Cruzer

Although Santa Cruz does not promote the Street Cruzer as a children’s skateboard, kids ages 9 and up can use it with ease. It’s a great board for kids who just want to ride because of its modest length and wheelbase. Although it’s not a fantastic board for tricks, the 9″ broad deck does provide a lot of stability.

Kids find it simpler to maintain their balance when just moving forward on a broader deck. Kids can stand up straight without having to overcompensate because the board has a very short wheelbase.

Santa Cruz Street Cruzer

  • 100% North American Maple Deck
  • Bullet 140mm trucks for stable and smooth turning
  • Road Rider 65mm 78a wheels for a comfortable ride on rough terrain
  • Full concave and kick tail for control and maneuverability
  • Original Santa Cruz graphics for a unique and stylish look

Children who are using longer decks—say, let’s 32′′+—really need to crouch to maintain their balance. This won’t be a problem because the Santa Cruz Street Cruzer is relatively short. This board, which is 29.05 inches tall and 8.79 inches broad, is appropriate for children aged 9 and older.

The relatively large and soft wheels on this cruiser are another fantastic feature. This skateboard is a good choice if you want one that can handle rocky terrain. The 60mm/78A wheels provide an incredibly smooth ride and won’t become obstructed by microscopic rocks or fissures.

Why We Like This Skateboard

This is a fantastic cruiser skateboard for kids who just want to confidently ride the streets. When it encounters tiny impediments, it is less likely to fall thanks to the large, soft wheels and larger deck.

Also, it is reasonably priced for a cruiser skateboard, and the parts are of good quality. For smaller children, nothing fancy, but more than adequate.

While having the most pleasant ride of any board on this list, this cruiser’s narrow wheel base and wide deck make it less responsive and poor for tricks. It’s reasonably priced for a cruiser.

What We Don’t Like

In my opinion, Santa Cruz’s marketing of this skateboard is a little deceptive. Despite what Santa Cruz states, this board’s low wheelbase and narrow breadth make it poor for tricks.

I paid for this anticipating it to be useful for an adult, but it wasn’t. But, my child picked it up and enjoyed himself. For older children (13+), in my opinion, it’s a terrible skateboard, but it’s fantastic for smaller children who just want to ride.

The Right Skateboard Size For 9-Year-Old Kids

Although it’s not a precise science, kids typically benefit from shorter skateboards. They can place their feet correctly and distribute their weight more easily on a shorter board. It will be more challenging to balance a longer board because it will call for a wider stance.

Moreover, a shorter skateboard typically has a smaller wheel base, which facilitates turning. Moreover, it provides greater reactivity, which aids in catching little errors and avoiding obstructions.

Kids’ height and weight also matter, in addition to their age. If a child is 9 years old, they can usually use a skateboard between 7.25 and 7.5 inches long as long as they aren’t above 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm) tall or over 100 pounds.

Kids modify their posture if a skateboard is a little longer or broader, so take this with a grain of salt. Go for it if you see a 7.75′′ skateboard of excellent quality for a reasonable price. Only that doing stunts is made simpler by the shorter and narrower boards.

What Makes A Good Skateboard For Kids

Less rigid wheels and softer bushings are better for younger children who want to learn how to skateboard. Many skateboard manufacturers fail to employ the proper combination of parts and simply rush their products onto the market without giving any thought to the demands of children.

A skateboard should moreover be durable and unbreakable when hopping curbs. The wheels and bearings should provide a smooth ride, and the trucks should be constructed of sturdy materials that don’t shred easily. I only choose the best skateboards for kids since it’s preferable to pay a little more money and prevent your child from getting hurt.

What Makes a Terrible Kids Skateboard?

Basically, any skateboards that are advertised on websites without real photographs. To get a commission, they plagiarize information from others and recommend purchasing inexpensive skateboards. You’ve probably visited one of those websites.

These blogs weren’t tested or written by skateboarders. Avoid falling for their false reviews and exercise caution. It is almost certainly a fake if it doesn’t contain authentic images or video.

If you want a skateboard that is both safe and effective, you should stay away from several popular skateboard “brands” you see on Amazon, such as Beleev, Metroller, Phoeros, Krown, etc. Skateboards that cost $30 to $60 USD are dangerous and boring to ride.

Skateboarding & Protective Gear

Please at least purchase a helmet if you purchase a skateboard for a child. It is reckless to avoid purchasing a helmet because they save lives. For children under a specific age, helmets are typically required in skate parks.

Consider purchasing a less expensive helmet if your finances are tight. Although some provide more than others, all helmets provide adequate protection.

In particular for novices, knee, elbow, and wrist protectors are advised. Children will fall, and bruising or abrasions are quite demoralizing. A triple 8 all-in-one pack, which is frequently far less expensive than purchasing everything separately, is something I personally advise.

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is crucial while riding a bike or learning to skateboard but is frequently disregarded. I advise wearing flat-soled footwear, such as Vans. A skateboarder needs to be able to feel the deck and feel connected to it.

For instance, wearing runners makes controlling a skateboard extremely difficult because the thick outsoles provide little feedback. Correcting errors and avoiding objects or people require good skateboard control. Shoes that are appropriate and have thin outsoles really matter.

Mid-top skate shoes are another option I’d suggest because they are a little bit taller and provide greater Achilles tendon and ankle protection. A small amount of cushioning protects your feet from scrapes and bruises when the front and back of a skateboard occasionally bump into each other.

Although they are more difficult to put on and sometimes limit movement, high top skate shoes provide considerably more protection by totally encasing the ankle.

Skateboard Tweaking Tips When Riding The First Time

Skateboards often require some time to break in depending on the rider’s weight and level of experience. It’s possible that the truck bushings (plastic cone-barrels) are either too hard or too soft. This can occasionally cause a skateboard to turn too much or the other way around.

Normally, this requires some time, but the trucks can also be slightly adjusted. They become less turny as you turn them more tightly, and turn more when you turn them more loosely. Finding the ideal balance is important, as is taking the rider’s preferences into consideration. Others want tight trucks, while others prefer incredibly loose trucks.

When wheels hardly turn at all, it may be because the axle nut is too close to the bearing. The wheel may not be rotating smoothly because of friction or because the bearings aren’t very good. Applying a small amount of silicon lubricant to the bearings may be an option, but first try to release the axle nut. A skateboard should go more quickly as a result.

What size skateboard should I get for my child?

The size of the skateboard you should get depends on your child’s age and height. A smaller skateboard with a width of around 7 inches is recommended for younger children. A wider board of around 8 inches may be more appropriate as they grow taller and more experienced.

What type of deck material is best for kids’ skateboards?

Skateboard decks can be made of a variety of materials, including maple, bamboo, and plastic. Maple is the most common and long-lasting option, making it an excellent choice for children’s skateboards. Bamboo decks may be preferred by some parents because they are eco-friendly and lighter in weight.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when my child is using a skateboard?

Yes, when it comes to skateboarding, safety is crucial. Wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads to protect your child from injury. It is also advisable to keep an eye on your child while they are skating, especially if they are beginners.

What type of wheels are best for kids’ skateboards?

The best wheels for kids’ skateboards are determined by the type of skating they will be doing. Softer wheels with a durometer rating of 78A to 90A are recommended for general cruising and learning because they provide more grip and comfort. Harder wheels with 90A to 100A ratings are better for tricks and advanced skating.

What are some good beginner skateboards for kids?

The Element Section Complete Skateboard, the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard, and the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard are all good beginner skateboards for kids. These skateboards have beginner-friendly features like a mellow concave and softer wheels.


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