Best Skateboard Setup For Adults Custom & Complete

Maybe you want to start skating again, or maybe you’ve never done it before and don’t know what to look for. Here are the Best Skateboard Setup for adults so don”t worry, I’ve got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at what would be best for you and what to avoid, from full cruisers to bespoke configurations.

The greatest thing you can do is build your own board; if all you want to do is skate and maybe learn an ollie, it’s preferable to put up a skateboard yourself.

If you’re just cruising pleasantly, you have a lot of possibilities. If you wish to commute over greater distances, longboarding is an option.

Let’s start by discussing what to look for, then look at a few custom setups, cruisers, and longboards. We independently test each product; there is no BS.

Skateboard Setup Cruising and Tricks

One of my favorite skateboard configurations for cruising and tricks is this one. I made the decision to put together this baby since I had some extra skateboard components lying around.

It is really quick, provides a very pleasant ride, and can handle bumpy roads, yet you can still launch a few ollies and shovits without any issues. Excellent for individuals who want to get back into the sport or for novices who just want to learn how to ride.

It has Bones Rough Rider 80A 56mm wheels, which are both soft and durable enough for stunts. Fair enough, they have a little more bounce than, say, 99A 53 Spitfire Classics. The Rough Riders may be utilized to ride slick bowls because of their excellent traction.

Although I would suggest getting trucks that are excellent at cutting, the trucks don’t really important for this sort of setup. All trucks, whether they are independent, Venture Trucks (high), Ace Classics, or Paris Street trucks, are functional. The GrindKing trucks used in this setup are pretty sloppy.

I used Bronson Raws bearings, which are quick but produce a little noise. Though not everyone does, I find the sound to be appealing. You may also think about Zealous or Bronson G3 bearings (less acceleration, but longer rolling times).

The 8.5-inch deck size is ideal for bowling, cruising, and popping ollies. You would have to flick the board a little harder to kickflip.

Full Specs:

  • 8.5-inch deck (just choose your preferred brand)
  • 149, Venture, Ace, or any other truck that should fit the deck
  • Bones Rough Riders 80A/56mm wheels.
  • Bronson Raws or Bronson G3 bearings
  • Griptape: irrelevant; I believe I used Jessup
  • assembling the trucks requires 7/8′′ hardware.

Skateboard Setup For Tricks

This is for skateboarders who are already seasoned and have been away for a while. Simple street setup with poppy deck and tougher wheels.

There are several options here, but for safety’s sake, choose an 8.25″ wide deck, Thunder as well as Independent trucks, The bones STF 53mm wheels, Spitfire Classics, and Mini Logo wheels (on a budget).

Old School Cruiser Best Skateboard Setup

 Best Skateboard Setup for cruiser

How did I forget to add this one? I corrected my post. Old school decks are fantastic—and not only because they make you feel nostalgic. They are also incredibly sturdy and comfortable to ride. It’s a lot of fun to build your own old-school skateboard, and there are definitely a few old fogeys that can appreciate them.

Decks in this example may be put up using Paris 169 trucks (9″) or Independent stage 11, 215 trucks because they are approximately 10″ wide. You might want to replace the very harsh bushings that Paris 169 came with.

Wheels are entirely up to you. Want a comfortable ride? Check out my suggested wheels if you’re looking for something in between. Anything between 56mm and 64mm is a decent option for Bones Rough Riders. Simply said, larger objects require less pushing and navigate fractures and uneven terrain better.

Excellent options that are really quick and robust are Bronson G3 or Raw bearings. Don’t forget to include rails to completely complete your vintage skateboard setup!

If you’re interested in my setup, I just put this board together using some extra parts. The Venom wheels really make the configuration stand out.

  • Elephant deck (including rails) by Mike Vallely
  • trucks from Paris Street 169 (terrible hard bushings)
  • Life Six-Fours Venom Thug 64mm/78A
  • Super Swiss Bones bearings
  • Hardware from Fireball Co Supply is 1 1/8″
  • 1/8″ shock absorbers
  • 11-inch grip tape

Mini Cruiser For a Smooth Ride

You may either choose the cruiser setup I suggested, or you can choose a specific tiny cruiser, for individuals who are new to skating and want a pleasant ride.

There are several options, but I’ll list a handful that actually delivered for me. Some are swift and quick, while others provide a calm ride.

Landyachtz Tugboat Captain

To be completely honest, I don’t really like landyachts. After testing a few of them, I came to the conclusion that while they are not the greatest available, they are also not overly pricey. The Captain from Landyachtz is a great entry-level board, nevertheless.

The deep concave is one feature that jumps out particularly. When you stand on this board, you can practically push through anything because you can feel this.

Additionally, this board is portable and rather quick. It is slightly longer and broader than a typical skateboard. Due to the deep concave, you have less space for foot placement at 10′′ than at the Arbor Foundation (up next).

This cruiser is for people who want a quick, thrilling ride, a little exercise, and the chance to blast a few ollies. If you have the necessary skills, you can even kickflip this board.

I appreciate how quick it reacts and how carvy it is; it is also excellent for heavier riders and persons with big feet. Consider the Arbor Pilsner if you’re looking for something more agile (review here).

Although I dislike the wheels and bearings, they appear to function nicely in this arrangement. I typically change the Fatty Hawg wheels and Spaceball bearings (Bronson G3’s/RAW and OJ Super Juice 60mm wheels are suggested).

Arbor Oso

Compared to the Tugboat, the Arbor Oso offers a less aggressive ride, but it is also much more stable and comfortable. One of the better affordable cruiser wheels available, the Bogart wheels have a smoothness that I really appreciate.

The bearings aren’t terrific, like all complete cruisers, but I think they work better than the spaceball bearings. It is advised that you replace them.

This board is equipped with high-quality, durable Paris Street trucks. The bushings are a little too soft for my liking, but it is just a matter of personal opinion.

Anyway, I can bike through grassy areas, I have no trouble with stones, and I can even go in gravel. The LY Tugboat is comparable, so there isn’t much of a difference there.

Simply put, this cruiser is one of the more laid-back boards available. There is enough of room for your feet due to the lack of concave, a massive kicktail to really dig in, and the possibility of curb jumping. Even though the board is hefty, you can still pop a few ollies.

Longboards Setups For Adults

Longboards Setups

Due of Michael’s expertise in both longboards and micro cruisers, we have lately begun to add a few of his evaluations. Since I frequently receive inquiries from more experienced beginners about where to begin, getting a longboard first won’t do any harm.

They are excellent for teaching people how to ride, even if they are distinct from technical skateboarding in terms of experience. Compared to a skateboard with hard wheels, they have more room for your feet, don’t require as much pushing, and generally have a less challenging learning curve.

Here are a few possibilities, but bear in mind that they are a little more expensive than the models made by more well-known companies. Popularity doesn’t automatically indicate something is wonderful; it just means they have more money for marketing. Sector 9, Landyachtz, and Arbor cannot compete in terms of quality.

Pantheon Pranayama

The ideal commuter is the Pantheon Pranayama. When you want to bike a long distance, it’s probably the finest choice. Although pulling this board around is far less of a workout than pushing a mini-cruiser, it may be less maneuverable.

is really low, making it much simpler to keep your balance, something novices will love. Despite being only 31 inches long, this board provides a far larger standing platform than comparable boards. In fact, it appears to be larger than it is.

This board doesn’t have wheelbite, which means there’s less possibility you’ll force it into the wheels, which is another wonderful feature. It’s not just fantastic for new riders; expert riders will also adore it. For additional information, see the Pantheon Pranayama review.

Bustin Maestro

The Bustin Maestro is the final longboard for adults that we suggest. This board is quite carvy and sits rather low, making it ideal for beginners. Learning the fundamentals that are necessary to ride around comfortably, such as balance, pushing, breaking, or any other skill, is simple.

It does have certain restrictions, which are very thoroughly mentioned in our assessment. For additional information, see the Bustin Maestro review.

Several Pointers for Adult Skaters

Start out slowly if you want to get into skateboarding. Start with the fundamentals, please! Wear safety gear, look up a few instructions on YouTube, and always carry your phone just in case.

Because of how much of a difference riding on softer wheels and wider decks makes, I began this essay with the cruiser trick hybrid. Extremely hard wheels might not be the ideal choice right now because you need something forgiving.

Along the process, upgrades are always possible. Replacement wheels are simple, and if you want to get technical, purchase smaller, sturdier wheels.

Skateboarding may be really demanding, so make sure to break sometimes. Wear the proper footwear, and avoid riding in crowded areas until you are proficient.

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