Best Skateboard Helmets

A skateboard helmet is arguably the most crucial piece of safety equipment. Although it may not be stylish, more and more skateboarders are donning skate helmets. The comfort of helmets has improved over time, and perhaps this trend will continue.

You should think about obtaining a helmet if you skate on the street (rails, stairs, etc.), vert, or cruise in traffic; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Your life (and those of your family) can be ruined by a single hit.

Triple 8 Gotham

Triple 8 Gotham

Triple 8 Gotham
  • Dual certification (CPSC & ASTM)
  • Slender brim
  • Absorbs sweat
  • A snug fit that’s simple to alter
  • aystem with a dial

My new favorite headgear is this one. I decided it would be a good idea to acquire a new helmet after banging my head while donning the Thousand helmet. Because of the modest brim, dial adjustment mechanism, and cozy fit, the Triple 8 Gotham caught my attention for a long.

I enjoy it so far! I adore the style, but more significantly, it fits well. Compared to Triple 8 helmets, which simply have straps and a clasp, the dial button makes a significant difference.

The Triple 8 Gotham has Sweatsaver technology, which absorbs perspiration better than conventional helmets, and is ASTM and CSPC approved. Although this helmet is similarly oversized to others, it is surprisingly light.

It is simple to modify the fit so that it won’t move as you ride thanks to the adjustable dial fit system and additional cushioning. The Gotham has a number of air holes, including six on top, two in rear, and two in front, to keep your head cool. A version that enables MIPS is also available, however it is much more costly and not really necessary for skateboarding.

If you can’t decide, go with the larger size. Its fit may be easily altered thanks to the additional cushioning and dual fit system.

Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet

Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet

Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet
  • Dual certification: conforms with ASTM F-1492-08 for skateboarding and US CPSC Safety Standard for bicycles.
  • ABS outer shell with high density.
  • Simple to fasten.
  • Additional set of fit pads, which are never used.
  • Removes sweat.
  • Liners that may be removed and cleaned.

Get a licensed helmet if you want to be as safe as possible. These helmets are the most protective and have undergone rigorous testing. Since they haven’t undergone the necessary testing to become certified, uncertified helmets aren’t necessarily unsafe. Choose the Triple 8 Dual Certified helmet; it isn’t even the priciest one, and it comes in a variety of colors.

It includes a set of fit pads so you may customize it to match your head size. Check it out on Amazon, but be careful to select the appropriate size. An excellent option if you’re looking for something unique is a Protec helmet.

The only thing that bothers me is that there isn’t a dial button to change the fit; as a result, the helmet moves about a little.

It’s not too difficult to fasten the straps, and I don’t feel constricted when wearing it. Although I personally prefer the matte appearance, a glossy version is also offered.

Despite the fact that it has two certifications, I don’t think I’ll be using this helmet when riding my mountain bike.

I also greatly appreciate the replaceable liners. My last helmet smelled bad, but you can take them off and clean them. Make sure to check my sizing guide before you decide to purchase this helmet! It definitely needs to fit because there isn’t a dial button on it.

Sizing Chart for Choosing the Correct Size

Only the Triple Eight dual certified helmet and the Sweatsaver helmet are included in this size table. You should really measure your head to ensure that you are getting the best protection. Obtain a tape measure and determine your head’s circumference. Match the size chart starting in the centre of your forehead. A few padding are included with the helmet to further customize it to your tastes.

  • XS 20.10 – 20.50 Inch (51 – 52 cm)
  • S 20.60 – 21.30 Inch (52 – 54 cm)
  • M 21.40 – 22.00 Inch (54 – 56 cm)
  • L 22.10 – 22.90 Inch (56 – 58 cm)
  • XL 23.00 – 24.00 Inch (58 – 61 cm)

Choosing the Correct Size

Choosing the Correct Size

The sizes that they provide are small, medium, and giant. choose the smaller size if, like me, you are between sizes. Simply take the measurements they give you and you should be able to choose the right one. Be sure to take multiple measurements, however, and don’t feel bad if your head is large or small.

Don’t Feel Stuck Putting on a Helmet

I must admit, though, that I don’t always wear a helmet. Although it only takes one fall, I never hit my head in all those years. It is someone else’s issue if they make fun of you for wanting to live. Even professional skaters like Tony Hawk and Mike Vallely, two skating icons, wear helmets and actively promote helmet safety.

Place a Few Stickers There

Stickers are a great way to improve the appearance of your helmet. The helmet has a great design and comes in a broad range of colors, but you may add some stickers to give it a little more personality. But you monster, don’t paste a sticker on the Thousand helmet!

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