Top 10 Best Skateboard For Beginners

Are you prepared to ride those skateboards and embrace your inner child? Do you want to feel the rush that has so many individuals addicted to the point of no return? If so, you should get the best skateboard for beginners.

We advise you to try it out rather than hesitating and believing you can’t. Because it’s likely that once you learn how to skateboard, you’ll never stop.

Yet, if the board you are riding is excellent enough, you can only experience total joy. So, researching the top beginning skateboards on the market would be a wiser strategy before getting started.

1. Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard – Best Skateboard For Beginners Overall

Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

Best skateboard for beginner
  • 32-inch long maple wood deck
  • Weight capacity of up to 220 pounds
  • Deep concave design for better control and stability
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings for smooth and fast ride
  • High-quality grip tape for better control
  • 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks

One brand you’ll come across when searching for the finest beginning skateboards is this one made by Minority.

One of the most popular alternatives, with each component made of a premium material combination and a superb engineering feat.

Minority 32 Inch contains printed artwork that is unique when it comes to viewpoint. They employ cutting-edge printing technology, which prevents the print from fading. The print can even be altered to suit your preferences.

Deck Description

Seven-ply maple rock is used for the deck, which is connected with epoxy glue to make it flexible and shock-resistant. For a beginner like myself, it is perhaps the most important aspect because there will be a lot of unexpected collisions. Unfortunately, I accidentally left the board free to a certain height during one session, but it was still sturdy and effective. It is a wonderful alternative for persons who are overweight because it can sustain up to 220 lbs of weight.

The concave is about average. It has outstanding maneuverability thanks to its roomy nose and kick tail. Both novice riders who want to learn fundamental skills and experienced riders who want to do a variety of feats can use the design.

Wheel Specification

Each truck is five inches long and made of real aluminum alloy. While the axle is made of chrome steel, the kingpin and other hardware are rust-free. In addition, its 32 mm, 10A, high recoil Polyurethane wheels generate tremendous power with little effort.

I can feel how smoothly the wheel mechanism moves when using this board to move around. But having already covered more than 5km on gravel, there was no harsh noise. This function helps to establish stability so that my balance can get better.

It has chrome steel ABEC-9 bearings, unlike the previous model. Three power paddles are all that are need to obtain full speed thanks to the unique design of the wheels.


  • The aluminum body significantly increases strength.
  • The skate’s superb grip makes trick-performing possible.
  • It is ready to use immediately after unpacking, so there is nothing to change.
  • Wheels accelerate effortlessly.
  • You have a choice of eight excellent graphic and color options.


  • It’s important to take good care because the edges could fray with time!


In my opinion, a skateboard this good deserves your best investment. With this model, you can demonstrate your expert windsurfing abilities with ease and enjoy more secure rides.

2. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards – Best for Wheel Sizes

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

  • Available in different sizes from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches
  • Medium-to-steep concave design for better control and stability
  • High-quality black grip tape for excellent traction and grip
  • Mini-Logo 53mm wheels made of high-quality urethane, providing a smooth ride and excellent grip
  • Stylish design with the POSITIV logo and vibrant graphics.

This board, which is a part of POSITIV’s Digital Series, was created in the spring of 2012. Initially, the business went by the moniker Skate One and collaborated with well-known brands like Powell Peralta and Bones. They are utilized by well-known skaters like Sandro Dias and Andy MacDonald.

Deck Description

The largest of all the models is the Andy MacDonald one. The board’s length of 32.125 inches and 8-inch width make it suitable for a wide range of riders.

It is crucial to understand that each deck is made in accordance with the exacting specifications provided by Skate One using its exclusive presses and veneer supplier.

Several plies of wood are joined together using waterproof adhesive in the AirLam method. The texture of this board meets my expectations and contributes to the strength needed to make my rides safer. Yet, it also significantly helps me when I mail products to my store. The SST slide treatment on the bottom increases the length of the rider’s slide.

Wheel Specification

The proportions of the wheels must be discussed when concentrating primarily on the Andy MacDonald model. This is due to the fact that they are extremely universal and suitable for riders of all ages.

The 54 mm wheel diameter and 99A hardness make them ideal for ice skating on roadways. A Mini-Logo bearing ensures a comfortable ride. Trying out POSITIV is one of my favorite memories. It continues to give the same smoothness as the original, starting with the hardest roads. I was quite impressed because it doesn’t shock the neighborhood like standard boards do.

To assure a ride that is smoother than others, the package also includes a lubricant called “Bones Speed Cream.” The trucks also stand out for their incredible proportions and fix. These fit perfectly on the deck and are seven and a half inches broad.


  • The truck’s dimensions are excellent.
  • Slide treatment with SST
  • The deck’s fine concave can endure misuse.
  • Large, grippy wheels make moving on pavement a breeze.


  • Pro riders do not fit the general model.


The speed handling is more effective the larger the wheel size. And the version I want you to focus on is the conventional version, which is POSITIVE. This cutting-edge board can help beginners like me advance their skating abilities and careers.

3. Hikole Skateboard – Best for Design

Hikole Skateboard

  • 31-inch long and 8-inch wide deck made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood
  • High-quality black grip tape for excellent traction and grip
  • 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks for stability and control
  • 52mm high-rebound PU wheels provide a smooth ride and excellent grip
  • Equipped with ABEC-7 precision bearings for a smooth and fast ride
  • Weight capacity of up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for riders of different sizes and ages.

Why did you pick Hikole for your initial skateboard? Hikole has actually been creating professional skateboards for about 20 years. Hikole not only has some of the most reasonable prices for boards, but it also provides top-notch customer support.

Deck Description

What makes this Hikole skateboard so unique? Let’s look at it.

This 31 by 8-inch full-sized board is a terrific choice if you want to go beyond the fundamentals. Learning new skills on a board is simpler once you get used to it. Hence, investing in a long-term board can be a smart move.

Because of its sturdy build and distinctive qualities, the Hikole is a fantastic choice.

skateboard for beginners. I tried this product in the convenience store, and it works excellent for helping me adjust and get comfortable before starting the first runways. When I finally mastered the fundamentals of windsurfing, it was a miracle and made it even more enjoyable.

The 7-layer, high-density Canadian maple wood deck can support 220 pounds. That is to say, anyone can use this board, including adults and kids. My son and I used the skateboard to demonstrate it, and the performance and robust, long-lasting construction of the item ultimately won me over.

You can perform fundamental feats and tricks with ease thanks to the double kick concave shape. The grip tape on the deck makes rolling down rocky terrain a breeze. A word of caution: We advise waiting until you’ve mastered intermediate or more riding before trying this.

Wheel Specification

With the 50mm 85A wheels on this board, you can easily glide over uneven surfaces like playgrounds, swimming pools, and sidewalks. You will be able to ride this board steadily over any surface with enough practice, in fact.

The ABEC-7 precise bearings and PU bushing on the wheels make controlling and balancing on this board quite easy. You’ll be pulling acrobatics in no time because to the stability and control that this board gives its riders.


  • Great for skating on rough and smooth surfaces
  • Pre-assembled
  • Sturdy deck


  • Need to take proper care as edges may scuff up after some time!


The advantages of Hikole Skateboard typically include their distinctive design and perfect skating ability. And those are the main things I think about this unique board. Using this board will assist you in maintaining the best possible health.

4. Powell Golden Dragon – Best for Beginners

Powell Golden Dragon

  • Available in different sizes ranging from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches
  • Made of high-quality maple wood that provides durability and stability
  • High-quality black grip tape that provides excellent traction and grip
  • Aluminum trucks that are lightweight and durable, and provide excellent turning ability
  • High-speed ABEC-7 bearings that provide a smooth and fast ride
  • Stylish and unique design with the Powell Golden Dragon logo and vibrant graphics.

American skateboard manufacturer Powell Peralta was established in 1978. Its Powell Golden Dragon skateboard is the ideal option for a beginner. These boards are produced in China using maple veneer.

These skateboards are a great choice because the design of each component complies with highly needed requirements and is then tested to assure good quality.

Deck Description

When it comes to features, PGD Deck is a superb board. It measures eight inches in width and thirty-two inches in length. A little smaller than the typical street deck, this size. But a deep concave bend strikes a good equilibrium. In spite of its modest breadth, it is also strong. As a novice, I was quite reluctant when testing this smaller, naturally sized skateboard. No, all of my worries are unfounded and vanish the moment I get on this board. Standing directly on this product, balance, stability, and safety are what I experience the most.

The deck weighs about the same as a 7-ply maple deck, but it maintains its stiffness longer than other common boards. I used my weight and that of my son to gauge the product’s durability. Amazingly, this board is still very strict about giving fathers and sons a great experience.

In addition, every Powell Peralta deck has a broad, sturdy polymeric strap. It is so resilient and sturdy that it will keep the deck together even if a board cracks. It is therefore a secure choice for newcomers who are prone to accidents.

Wheel Specification

The wheel is 99A hard, 54 mm in diameter, and 37 mm wide. The bearing section is weak, but the values are within the desired range.

For a smoother ride, you may always swap out the hard wheels for softer ones. Moreover, the wheels slow down over time as a result of the bearing failure.


  • K-12 deck with deep concave that provides excellent grip
  • The company has a good track record in the industry.
  • Pre-tested
  • High-quality designs printed on screens
  • High-quality rebound polyurethane wheels that help with rolling and rapid moveme


  • Wheels might need to be replaced.
  • Trucks are durable.


Like me, do you just starting out and have no experience with skateboards? Fearing for your safety? You can see the magic if you put an end to your fear and encounter the Powell Golden Dragon.

5. KPC PRO Skateboard – Best for Budget

KPC PRO Skateboard

  • 8.0 inch wide and 32 inch long deck made of 100% Canadian maple wood
  • Medium to steep concave design for better control and stability
  • High-quality black grip tape to prevent slipping off the board
  • High-speed ABEC-7 bearings for a fast and smooth ride
  • Simple and stylish design with the KPC PRO logo and vibrant colors.

In the year 1996, Krown Pro made its debut in the skateboarding industry. They wanted to offer premium skateboards at competitive prices. With 20 years of industry experience, the organization is unquestionably one of the most dependable producers. For new and experienced cyclists alike, their goods are ideal.

But, the KPC Pro in particular attends to the requirements of professional skaters.

Deck Description

The 8.0 x 32-inch skateboard decks are made from Canadian maple. This material, which not only makes the board stronger but also increases the product’s durability, comes highly recommended.

When professional skaters are looking to update their board model, they can choose this model right away. With its contemporary concave, it is comfortable and easy to pick up new skills. The board can also be easily flipped around.

Wheel Specification

Trucks are made of aluminum, with a steel axle coupled to a five-inch hanger. It boasts high-rebound, 52 mm, 99A wheels. The black tape on ABEC 7 bearings is 80 grit.

The skateboard wheel’s substance is softer than a lot of those seen in stores. I can move swiftly and gently through even the most difficult obstacles, like rocks. I didn’t hear any screaming noises on the more than 6km drive to work. It provides incredibly stable mobility.

The sluggish bearings are the only problem with this device. So, updating your skateboard’s bearings will make it a terrific one.


  • Size is ideal for a beginner.
  • Uniform bearings
  • Current concave
  • Enables simple flip


  • Because of their ordinary quality, wheels may need to be replaced after some time.
  • An upgrade is pricey.


The Krown Pro is the most reasonably priced skateboard I’ve used. You will receive a fantastic ride at the current price that is a decent standard size for beginners and offers exceptional safety thanks to the stable wheel system.

6. Roller Derby Rd Skateboard – Best for Balance and Control

Roller Derby Rd Skateboard

  • DECK 7-Ply Hard Rock Maple, Traditional Size and Shape, Deck, 31″ x 7.5″ TRUCKS To slice down the street, strong 5″ aluminum trucks
  • 4mm RISERS Risers
  • WHEELS Wheels with 50mm Injected Polyurethane for a comfortable ride
  • BEARINGS Carbon bearings Quick Bevo Silver-5 Racing Rating

Have you have a tight budget? Don’t worry; we’ve got this. You need a board like the Roller Derby Rd Skateboard from the company’s Deluxe Series. This premium board may be purchased for an incredibly low cost.

Deck Description

We can tell you that just because this board is less expensive than others doesn’t mean it is of lower quality. This board is surprisingly durable because to its 7-ply hard rock maple wood deck. I use my personal experiences to gauge a product’s toughness.

The skateboard was repeatedly knocked over, but despite this, it exhibited no evidence of damage or breakage. Most importantly, it can be used by two skaters at once. We went on an important trip, much like my kids and I did. Moreover, stability is ensured by the full-grip layer on the surface.

Also, this traditional skateboard deck RollerDerby board’s dimensions (31 x 7.5 inches) make it perfect for riders of all ages. This fantastic device can be used by young children as well. I also give this product top priority when my son enters talent shows so that he can showcase his abilities while effortlessly assuring complete safety.

Wheel Specification

T5 indy aluminum trucks, measuring 5 inches each, are included with this board. You can easily move along the sidewalk thanks to the 50 mm PU wheels with Bevo Silver-5 Bearings.

This board’s 4mm angled risers ensure that you won’t experience any balance or control problems when skating. Also, using this board would make it simple to learn fundamental techniques like an ollie or backflip.

This is the ideal starting skateboard for you to think about, whether you want to cruise around your neighborhood or practice a few tricks at the skate park.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong deck
  • Pre-assembled
  • Because of the angled risers, there is better balance and control.


  • Trucks could cause you some problems.


I constantly check the skateboard’s balance and control because I’m a demanding user. Fortunately, I came across Roller Derby Rd Skateboard. Regarding stability, viability, and cost, this version is the one you should choose.

7. Puente 31 Inches Complete Skateboard – Best for Graphics

Puente Complete Skateboard

  • Deck size: 31.75 inches long and 7.88 inches wide
  • 7 layers of Canadian maple wood for durability and flexibility
  • High-quality black grip tape for better traction
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks for stability and durability
  • 52mm high-rebound polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride and good grip on different surfaces
  • ABEC-9 bearings for a fast and smooth ride

Puente Alto is where this skateboard is made, as the name says. Because of its illustrious past in Latin America, it is well-known. Also, the quality goes above and beyond excellent.

The 31-inch skateboard is available in a variety of hues and patterns. The makers assert that they would include artistic motifs on the board to accommodate riders of various ages. Thermal transfer and anti-layer ensure that the color never fades.

Deck Description

A seven-plywood deck made of sturdy maple is connected using epoxy glue. It is flexible and shock-resistant because to this unique composition. On my more than 10-kilometer bike, I did, in fact, try this feature. This board always guarantees stability so that the foot is most balanced on the surface during the voyage, regardless of whether you have to navigate deep holes or gravel.

Moreover, the concave form features a double kick tail for improved control. Wherever you like, you can demonstrate your abilities and try out a range of stunts. You can perform expert aerial swings like I do, specifically. It’s an unbelievable feeling, and I want to share it with all of you.

Wheel Specification

The PU wheels on this board have a 95A hardness and an ABEC-9 high-speed bearing. Both novice and experienced cyclists will find it to be a great choice due to its resistance to wear and compression.

The precise wheel measurements are 53 x 32 mm. The rider can be more steadily supported and the direction can be controlled more effectively thanks to this.

The vehicle is made of aluminum and has a steel axle aside from that. The board’s foundation plates are its only weakness because they appear prone to cracking after repeated use.


  • It lasts a long time since it is durable.
  • supports rider effectively and has a concave for support
  • The optimum grip is provided with a high-quality deck made of seven layers of Canadian maple.
  • There are 12 distinct prints and color combinations available.


  • Baseplates are not of a good standard.
  • The bolt pattern is not uniform.


Puente 31 Inches Complete Skateboard’s standout feature is its excellent graphics. And I’m ecstatic about that product feature in particular. Moreover, it supports anti-wear to provide a long lifespan for the skateboard. And to make your trip more enjoyable, you need to do the following.

8. OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch – Best for Material Quality

OHDERII Skate Skateboards

  • About what it weighs in net.
  • Deck Made of maple
  • Aluminum alloy is the pick-up material.
  • 53mm wheels on 5″ trucks.
  • Dimensions of the board: 78 x 20 x 10 cm.
  • uses steel with a chrome finish and ABEC 7 bearings.
  • High-quality ABS plastic base and strong polyurethane wheels.

Both novices and experts can use this Ohderii skateboard. The patterns are rather stunning, and the cloth is of excellent quality. Instead of stickers, it produces its own thermal transfer film.

Deck Description

The deck is made of high-quality plastic and contains four silent casters. This introduces flexing, allowing the board to bend slightly with each movement. The deck’s dimensions of 22.2 x 5.9 inches make it portable and small. The model is the one I like best because it can be stored easily and squished into tight spaces. I haven’t had this issue with other goods previously.

It is a low-riding board with the ideal length for complete control and stability. It is ideal for both adults and children due to the compact body.

Wheel Specification

The base of the material is ABS which can resist a considerable amount of impact. The wheels are also made of high-quality, solid PU material that is made up of 7 layers of Canadian maple. Yes, you read it right, seven layers, but still the skateboard is lightweight.

The 3-inch durable aluminum trucks that are 59 mm and possess 85 A hardness also add to their strength. The skateboard is waterproof, which gives you the liberty to ride it on any surface. I have demonstrated this product feature by creating rugged terrain with rocks myself. It can move smoothly, gently, and stably, far beyond what I initially assessed for a cheap board.

The board comes completely assembled, so there is no need for you to join the parts. Each component meets the usual industry standards, which turn it into a common pick for skaters across the world.


  • High-grade ABS
  • Skating in the rain is enjoyable with a waterproof body.
  • Because it is low, it is stable.
  • Already assembled
  • Includes one T wrench and four free spare wheels.
  • A year-long warranty


  • For kids, wheels are difficult.


The 31-inch OHDERII Skate Skateboards are unmistakable for their premium construction materials and outstanding performance. For your planned purpose, it has a particular significance. And I can speak from personal experience to support that.

9. RockBirds Skateboards 31 Inch Pro – Best for Maximum Loads

RockBirds Skateboards Pro

  • Canadian Maple Skateboard with 7 Layers: Excellent for Long Distance Riding.
  • You are more secure while riding a skateboard thanks to its high density emery surface, which is waterproof and non-slip.
  • The maximum weight for the Rockbirds 31″ Full Pro Skateboard is 300 kg. Pre-assembled skateboard deck will save you from hassle.
  • Four solid PU wheels are used on the Rockbirds skateboards, while the base is made of impact-resistant ABS.

Once more, when seeking for the finest skateboard for beginners, this model tops the investigation. It becomes a model that can withstand a great deal of punishment thanks to the anti-shock and anti-slip grip tape. This board is a great option for everybody, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.

Deck Description

It can travel farther since it is a seven-layer Canadian maple. The board is 31 x 8 x 3.9 inches in size. The board’s surface is made of high-density emery. The board’s composition prevents slipping from the surface.

The greatest weight that it can support is 300 kg, making it one of the best options for those who are overweight because it is appropriate for people of all ages.

Wheel Specification

The skateboard trucks are made of aluminum alloy and have a five-inch width, just like a few of the skateboards we’ve already talked about. 53mm ABEC 7 bearing wheels are mounted by the makers. Nonetheless, due to their standard proportions, professional riders choose upgrading the wheels. The wheels’ premium PU material is supported by an impact-resistant ABS material.


  • All skaters will fit
  • Reasonably deep concave
  • Wheels with impact resistance
  • One cannot readily fall


  • Bearings move slowly.
  • Wheel can be too soft for expert riders.


For people with large bodies who still want to play this adventure game, like me, RockBirds Skateboards 31-Inch Pro edition is the ideal solution. Not only is there a personal version, but there are also two ones.

10. SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser – Best for All Users

SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser

  • Deck size: 31.5 inches long and 7.75 inches wide for the skateboard, and 22 inches long and 6 inches wide for the cruiser
  • 7 layers of Canadian maple wood for durability and flexibility
  • High-quality black grip tape for better traction
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks for stability and durability
  • ABEC-7 bearings for a fast and smooth ride
  • Simple and stylish design with various color options available.

In 2010, SCSK8 opened a small warehouse and retailer. Since then, the company has sought for products of higher quality that are well-known for their design and usability. Also, its boards are reasonably priced.

What makes the boards so well-liked in the general market is that beginners may easily afford to purchase them. You can pick from a wide variety of graphics to suit your preferences.

Deck Description

Seven plywood maple makes up the deck. It has a width of eight inches and a length of 32 inches. These dimensions make it a perfect pick for the latest road skating techniques.

Even kids under 12 years can easily learn to have a grip on the deck. Even though he is only 10 years old, my son can still control this board easily. And it is also the product that helped my baby win first prize in the skateboarding talent contest. I am amazed about this feature of it and want to spread this to many other parents with children who are passionate about playing games. The maximum weight it can take is up to 225 lbs, and it fits both genders

Wheel Specification

This board has 52 mm wheels with a 101A hardness rating. These characteristics of PU wheels enable a strong bounce and flat-spot resistance. To be more specific, the trucks are five inches long and have ABEC 9 red bearings with professional, black grip tape.

Although SCSK8 provides an economical solution, be aware that it has some limitations. It’s time to replace the sluggish bearings. The trucks look to be of low quality, even to some riders.

As a result, the skaters must make some replacements, which adds to the board’s initial purchase price.


  • Affordably 
  • Several people can use the deck size
  • Excellent grip tape
  • The 8-inch broad breadth is ideal for beginners who want to improve their balance.


  • Low-quality bearings
  • There must be more replacements.


This product has a simple design, suitable for all users, and even beginners like me can glide smoothly. This skateboard is also highly sustainable, saving you repair and maintenance costs.


What size skateboard should I get as a beginner?

Depending on their height, weight, and shoe size, it is advised for beginners to select a skateboard with a deck size that runs from 7.5 inches to 8.25 inches. While a narrower deck is simpler to operate, a larger deck may offer more stability.

What type of skateboard should I get as a beginner?

For beginners, a standard skateboard is the best choice. It is versatile and suitable for various styles of riding, including cruising, commuting, and performing tricks.

What are the key features to look for in a beginner skateboard?

The most important components for a beginner’s skateboard are high-rebound polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride, ABEC-rated bearings for a quick and smooth ride, a durable and flexible maple wood deck, good grip tape for greater traction, solid trucks made of aluminum alloy.

How much should I spend on a beginner skateboard?

A good quality beginner skateboard can range from $50 to $100. It’s important to invest in a skateboard that is durable and well-made, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Should I buy a complete skateboard or build my own?

The complete skateboard is advised for beginners because it comes pre-assembled with all the necessary pieces and is less expensive than buying individual parts. You can think about making your own skateboard as you gain skill and knowledge to make it more to your taste.


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