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Although there has always been fierce rivalry in the low-cost electric skateboard market, Meepo Mini 2 ER has no business appears to have given the short-board model much thought. Consider the Meepo Mini from the previous generation and the Meepo V2, which is essentially the same board with a new deck.

While Mini 2 ER follows the same course of events. Meepo Mini 2 is no longer in the shadow of its longboard brother this time around, and one might even claim that it will steal the show because the deck of Mini 2 is the star of the show. (Also, the ESC is unique; it is called Hobbyingwing.)

You can tell that Meepo Mini 2 is trying to be Boosted Mini with only a quick glance. The deck is the same dish form, and the visual style is identical. The end result is a morally dubious yet beautiful product. This will split the audience in two; half of you will find the move repulsive, and the other half will find it appealing.

Meepo Mini 2 ER

The specs of the Meepo Mini 2 and ER:

Mini 2:

  • Range: 11 miles (18 km) 
  • Top Speed: 24 mph (39 km/h) Weight: 16 lb (7.2 kg)
  • Charge Period: 2 Hours
  • Price: $449 USD including shipping

Mini 2 ER:

  • Range: 20 miles/32 kilometers 
  • Top Speed: 29 mph/46 km/h Weight: 18 lb/ 8 kg
  • Charge Period: 2 Hours
  • Price, including shipping, is $629 USD.

Both have features including two hub motors, regenerative braking, 30% slope handling, NR remote with built-in torchlight, and swappable PU.


Meepo Mini 2 ER unboxing

My unit does not have the new Boosted-like design because it is a very early review unit (No.002, to be precise). In fact, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the better version, so I suppose I now understand my position on design piracy.

A T-tool, sticker sheets, and wristbands were included with the board. It’s wonderful that the remote that I get out of the package is an NR remote. However, since the NR remote cannot be pocketed and portability is one of the most important factors when it comes to a shortboard, I hope Meepo would also offer a typical generic remote. Later, I learned that the NR remote is just present temporarily; once the N2 remote is available, it will take its position and replace the NR remote.

Acceleration and Deceleration

Riding the Mini 2 ER, the first thing I notice is how powerful it is.

The acceleration is exhilaratingly quick, absurdly quick, and in a drag race, it defeats the Boosted Mini S and Wowgo 3! My friend nicknamed this item the Mini Raptor, and I assure you, it is insanely powerful. It quickly reaches its advertised top speed of 29 mph (46 km/h)!

Despite being swift, Mini 2 is still flawlessly smooth, as one would anticipate from a Hobbywing ESC. Strong and controlled braking is used. Even though they all use Hobbywing ESC, Wowgo 3’s ESC is a little bit milder than the Mini 2 ESC, which is smooth and powerful like the Backfire G2T’s. My brakes should be robust.

My realization: Meepo NLS Pro on a Boosted Mini deck, not Meepo V3 in a smaller footprint, came at that very time. Consider that it utilizes the same 244wh battery and Hobbywing ESC as the NLS Pro. Only the size of the deck and wheels varies.

Stability & Maneuverability

In general, I don’t like shortboards since I can’t perform tricks on them, I can’t use the kicktail as well as a skater would, and other than for portability, why would anyone give up the stability of a longer wheelbase?

Mini 2 ER rides like a longboard, in contrast to other shortboards I’ve used. A very stable ride is provided by the combination of the heavier board, the larger wheel, the shredder trucks with new bushings that provide a more floaty feeling, and the bigger wheels. Additionally, the deck is wide enough for me to feel secure. I adore wide decks. I can ride up to the top speed, which is an absurd 29 mph (46 km/h), but I just felt shaky at the very top. Without my having to tighten the trucks, that is. Who uses a shortboard that quickly anyway?

On the other hand, this also meant that Mini 2 ER seemed more “momentous” than typical shortboards, which are designed to be more agile. It doesn’t change direction as quickly as a shortboard, but it carves comfortably like a longboard. Despite the lack of crispness, tight turns may still be easily navigated because to the short wheelbase and the kick tails.

This, in my opinion, is another distinction between the Meepo Mini 2 and the Boosted Mini. While Meepo Mini 2 felt like a short longboard, Boosted Mini felt nimble.


Despite being more enjoyable to ride than anticipated, Meepo Mini 2’s vibration handling is just adequate, as would be expected from a hub motor shortboard where you stand right above the trucks. In contrast to some boards that are stiff as steel, it is not terrible because of the big riser pad and possibly the bushings.

Poor terrain makes riding uncomfortable yet bearable. 3/5, or a B-.


Samsung 40T was installed in the Meepo Mini 2 ER in a 10s2p configuration, resulting in an 8AH pack with a 288wh capacity. The battery pack in the new NLS Pro is identical to this one.

Without the longer battery, the Mini 2’s base model uses a standard 4.0AH 144wh configuration. Should give you about 9 miles (14.5 km) of range, based on my prior experience with other boards with a similar setup.

A review of the components:

review of the components:


Boosted Mini was screamed from the Meepo Mini 2 deck. The sole similarity between these two, when compared side by side, is the dimension and shape. Even so, this is a fantastic deck that adheres to the Boosted Mini’s design philosophy.

Meepo constructed this compact deck from 7 plies of Canadian maple. The deck is rather wide, measuring 9′′ (22.8 cm), and the dish-shaped concave are comfortable for the feet.

As previously indicated, because the electronic component took up the entire length of the board, there isn’t much area for flex. The tail guard has not yet been added to the Mini 2 in its final form.

ESC and component enclosures

When we turn the deck over onto its back, we can see the standard two enclosure setup. The NLS and V3 and the Mini 2 share the same casing.

Instead of aluminum, the casing is composed of plastic. The ESC enclosure contains a heat sink. With no more generic components, it looks nice.


These hub and wheel match those on the Meepo V3 exactly as you might expect. The back hub is the customary stiff one that we are so familiar to, and the front wheel has a durometer of 78A.

I’m assuming there are three main reasons why 90mm wheels were chosen over wheels that measure 80 or 83mm.
To handle erratic road conditions, the bulk of Meepo riders prefer larger wheels. Although you may not agree, most people still find bigger wheels to be more mentally comfortable when rolling over objects.
The second reason is that hub motors are stiff, thus adding an extra 10mm helps to further reduce vibration.
Third: The Meepo Mini 2 clearly favors power over finesse because 90mm hubs have more power.

In my view, one of the reasons the board felt a little bit less agile than, for example, Boosted Mini, was the lack of 83mm wheels. A somewhat higher ride height is required in order to employ a taller riser and avoid wheel biting.


I criticized how the factory bushing on Shredder trucks made them feel too flimsy in my NLS review. It appears that macroon bushing can take care of that. I don’t need to replace the bushing, at least.

For those who are unaware, I believe the Shredder truck to be the best truck we have outside of branded goods, and the new bushing undoubtedly enhances that feeling.

Please consider my advice here with a grain of salt since I am not an expert in bushing: Macroon bushing, in my opinion, is soft and floaty, providing nice control but not being very aggressive in bringing you back to your center, making you feel less nimble and more significant. That’s just different; I’m not suggesting it’s a bad thing. Don’t quote me on the bushing information once more.


This is a type B NR remote.

It pairs with all Hobbywing ESC boards, including the NLS Pro, Classic, City Rider, etc., but not with your LingYi ESC board (V3, NLS).

It has three speed settings with various top speeds.
It has an integrated torch light for nighttime riding.
It features a reverse button, but in order to use it, you must hold it down.

Don’t let the remote’s appearance mislead you; it was surprisingly comfy to hold. The throttle dial is substantial, spring-loaded, and ergonomic.

The NR remote’s inability to fit conveniently in the pocket is its only drawback.

In place of the NR remote, the Meepo Mini 2 will ship with the new N2 remote once it is available, based on what I learned from Kieran. Although N2 resembles the Boosted remote, we don’t yet know much about it.


The 30-inch Meepo Mini 2 ER is obsessed with being the most powerful board available, and in my opinion, it is. Meepo Mini 2 ER meets the needs of fans who love speed and torque and want it in a small package, perhaps even better than Boosted Mini X. With Mini 2 ER, I would choose a shortboard over a longboard for a cruise or group ride, contrary to my previous beliefs.

However, with a body weight of 18 pounds (8 kilograms), it won’t be the most portable travel companion. It has weight. With Boosted Mini X, the circumstance is exactly the same.
Meepo Mini 2’s base model, which weighs 16 pounds/7.2 kilograms and is similar to Boosted Mini S, is a little bit lighter and better suited for portability.


This week, Kieran made the announcement that the Mini 2 ER will continue to use the Hobbywing ESC while the Mini 2 will continue to use the LingYi ESC (the same in V3).

Following modifications are to be anticipated:

  • Similar to how a drag racer accelerates Smoothness of acceleration in pro mode is -5%.
  • Braking power = noticeably improved
  • Depending on the braking mode you select, mode 1 is similar in terms of braking smoothness.

Other adjustments,

  • Screen-equipped remote (MR remote; bye-bye N3 remote)
  • On the Mini 2 ER, the kick to turn on feature will be accessible. (I use it for numerous short trips with stops, thus the fact that I don’t have to bend over to reach the power button is crucial for me.)

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