Best Insoles For Skateboarding With Impact Protection & Support

Every skateboarder requires a sturdy pair of skate shoes with corresponding skating shoe insoles that offer sufficient impact protection and maximum shock absorption before hitting the half-pipe or the skate park.

Although the insoles that come with skate shoes are often praised by skate shoe companies, they frequently fall short of expectations. Skateboarding enthusiasts can greatly benefit from the game-changing qualities that aftermarket insoles offer.

This post summarized the Best Insoles For Skateboarding insoles that are made to withstand punishment and provide riders with unwavering protection and a comfortable riding experience.

The following are some qualities to think for while purchasing insoles for skateboarding shoes:

Insoles for skateboarding shoes should provide more impact protection and cushioning to reduce injuries from landing from heights and bailing out tricks. For maximum comfort and support, the appropriate insoles may also conform to any foot shape.
Users can benefit from corrective and protective advantages that normal insoles or inserts lack when using insoles that offer heel and arch support. Additionally, this feature improves stability and lessens the possibility of hot patches and scorching.
The combination of odor prevention and moisture-wicking fabrics keeps the feet delightfully dry and cool. In addition to resisting excessive sweating, germs, and unpleasant odors, materials that promote breathability also do so.
Despite being frequently disregarded, using the proper skating insoles guards against developing chronic discomfort and suffering serious injuries to your feet and heels. The 10 skate shoe insoles included in this shopping guide will let you ride in comfort and safety on every ride:

Top 10 Best Insoles For Skateboarding Reviews

1. Walk Hero Foot Insoles

Walk Hero Foot Insoles

Walk Hero Foot Insoles
  • Made of high-density memory foam material
  • Provides arch support and cushioning for heel and forefoot
  • Suitable for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions
  • Anti-slip design for secure fit

I’m pleased I came upon these skateboard insoles for flat feet since skateboarding and flat feet don’t work well together. These insoles provide the best underfoot support for people who need it the most. They are specially created and built to assist reduce discomfort brought on by pronation and plantar fasciitis, among other conditions.

I adore how these skateboarding insoles are both lightweight and strong. This is made possible by the EVA foam base that they are composed of, which also provides me with precise and regulated cushioning. The semi-rigid orthotic support that these insoles offer is another benefit for me when I skate and balance on my skateboard.

When I have the stock insoles on, landing on my heels may be unpleasant. For me, the deep heel cups in these unique insoles make all the difference since they properly support my heels while also deflecting force and impact. There is just nothing better than this!

These insoles are true to size and offered in 3 distinct colors. Additionally, the entire footbed provides support from the toes to the heels. I’ve always experienced fitting issues because of my large, unbalanced feet, but not until I tried them!

My only complaint is that I had to cut the edges of these inserts so they would properly fit inside my skate shoes. In any case, I still strongly advise them. They are fairly priced and could easily compete with pricey ones.

There’s a reason why these skateboarding insoles get such excellent ratings. I can securely and comfortably shred the gnar when paired with a fantastic set of skate shoes!

2. Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Insoles
  • Features massaging gel technology for all-day comfort
  • Fits in most work boots and shoes
  • Provides arch support and heel cushioning
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue and foot pressure

Orthopedic foot care has long been a specialty of Dr. Scholl’s. These insoles for skateboarding shoes have massaging gel pads in addition to the standard arch support to lessen pain from tension on the muscles and joints. While I’m moving, the multi-layer wave pattern also provides an additional layer of cushioning and energy rebound.

Skateboarding requires me to spend a lot of time on my feet. I adore the immediate feeling of protection and support these insoles provide. For unmatched shock absorption, I depend on these insoles, and they did not let me down; performing stunts and carving have never been this pleasant.

My ability to function at my best is frequently hindered by muscle weariness, pain, and tired feet. With these insoles on, I felt immediately relieved and prepared to tackle another day at the skate park. I can now engage in physical activity for longer periods of time without having to quit because of pain or discomfort.

Even more surprising is the fact that these insoles include cooling vents that remove moisture, keeping my feet dry and cool throughout the day. I’m no longer concerned about biking in the sweltering heat. These gave my worn-out sneakers a new lease on life!

Although the majority attest to the effectiveness and high caliber of these insoles, some customers have complained that they squeak as they walk. However, this tiny flaw has no impact on how well these skateboarding insoles function as a whole. These are still excellent all-arounders that provide support and protection, in my opinion.

I’m quite pleased with how nicely these skate shoes with arch support performed. These are revolutionary and demand more examination.

3. EASYFEET Athletic Shoe Insoles

EASYFEET Athletic Shoe Insoles

EASYFEET Athletic Shoe Insoles
  • Made of high-quality EVA foam material
  • Provides shock absorption and arch support
  • Designed for sports and athletic activities
  • Anti-sweat and anti-bacterial properties for odor control

Finding the ideal pair of skate shoes is crucial to me, but I also make sure to match them with high-quality insoles to keep my feet safe and comfy while I blast my way around the skate park.

The needs of high-intensity activities like skateboarding were specifically taken into consideration while creating these athletic insoles by EasyFeet. It’s an obvious choice for riders searching for protective gear because it’s made to give arch support for motion control and high-shock absorption.

Nothing compares to how comfortable these insoles’ gel forefoot and heel cushions are. They contribute to a plusher, safer, and more pleasant ride. The silky, breathable layer is an extra bonus because it effectively wicks away sweat, keeping my feet dry and comfortable all day.

I was thrilled that these insoles provided me with support and pain alleviation because I struggle with lower back and joint discomfort. Additionally, it lessens the chance of additional injuries that are frequently related to high-impact sports. Additionally, the high energy returns and effective impact absorption of these insoles.

When I put these insoles into my Fizik shoes, they frequently pop out due to how thick and tall they are. However, they perform admirably as a substitute for vans insoles. Additionally, breaking them in a few times aids with the changeover.

I think the insoles for these skateboard shoes are great in every way. I unquestionably advise snagging one or two pairs.

4. Superfeet Carbon Fiber Insoles

Superfeet Carbon Fiber Insoles

Superfeet Carbon Fiber Insoles
  • Made of lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Provides maximum support and stability for high-impact activities
  • Features deep heel cups and a contoured shape for proper foot alignment
  • Suitable for athletes and those with active lifestyles

Action-packed rides require nothing less than insoles that can withstand a lot of abuse. These carbon fiber insoles are made to last and provide dependable support for an extended period of time. These may restore their original shape as I walk because the carbon fiber covers inserted in them react to compression.

Its raised heel design, which lessens contact between my feet as well as the midsole for a more comfortable fit, is another aspect that caught my attention. I particularly appreciate how my heels rest firmly on the cups to avoid hot patches and blisters. These insoles really raise the bar for comfort!

These impact insoles stand out from the competition because to its ground-breaking Flybridge, which efficiently loads and releases energy for quick starts, smooth stops, and accurate turns. This function is most helpful to me when I carve in, so I know it’s effective. To put it mildly, it changes the game!

I dislike thick cushions because they make me feel heavy, so I enjoy that these insoles are comprised of thinner, lighter Aerolyte foam. However, without the extra bulk, these are still just as supportive and protecting as heavily cushioned inserts. These are without a doubt ideal for cyclists searching for an alternative.

Although they are excellent for skating insoles as well, some customers commented that they need to be broken in to notice the difference. Other than that, these are excellent all-arounders loaded with several advantages! I don’t anticipate ever contemplating using different insoles.

These might very well rank among the finest skate insoles on the market if performance, comfort, and durability are all taken into account.

5. Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles

Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles

Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles
  • Specifically designed for hockey players
  • Provides maximum shock absorption and comfort on the ice
  • Features a contoured shape for proper foot alignment
  • Provides arch support and heel cushioning

My Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey insoles are the best, however I switch them out for these comfort insoles on days when I feel bruised and sore. My arches are properly aligned to prevent overpronation because of their Aerospring Glide comfort foam, and I receive the immediate relief I need to continue.

I’m impressed by how these insoles are uniquely designed to support my feet and reduce friction while allowing me to slide more smoothly around the ice. This provides me with additional defense against painful blisters and hot places. I’m sure that no other insole can handle ice hockey’s rigors in the same manner!

The flexible cradles on these comfort insoles hold, shield, and provide the highest level of support to my heels as I glide without ever being too rigid. This also implies that they allow for a complete range of motion and are less restrictive. These insoles are built for both action and endurance, so I know I can rely on them when the going gets tough in the game!

The exorbitant price is the only complaint I have about these insoles, but it’s easy to see why. Because they may be used for up to 12 months or 500 miles, consumers can anticipate getting the best value overall. For athletes that demand nothing less than the finest, it’s a wise pick.

I strongly advise investing in these fantastic insoles because they are made with materials for the best comfort and support!

6. Sure-Grip Skate Contour Insole

Sure-Grip Skate Contour Insole

Sure-Grip Skate Contour Insole
  • Designed for roller skaters and skateboarders
  • Provides arch support and cushioning for high-impact activities
  • Features a contoured shape for proper foot alignment
  • Helps reduce foot fatigue and improve performance

I use these skate insoles for extra impact protection and support when stock insoles aren’t cutting it. These inserts are cushioned and well-padded for all-day comfort as opposed to typical inserts, which tend to strain my feet. These insoles also maintain their position without bunching or wrinkles.

I adore how easily these inline skate insoles adapt to my feet. They balance and align my feet, so I feel like I’m making the most of each step I take. These are comparable to the personalized insoles that I had my nearby skate shop manufacture.

I spend a lot of time skating and rollerblading, so I’m all about putting as little strain as possible on my feet. My heels feel incredibly alleviated when I use these insoles, despite the fact that they are not intended to reduce pain. I am confident that they will keep me at ease when I am actively moving around.

The only slight drawback I can identify is that these insoles require more frequent replacement when they are used regularly and severely. But since they are reasonably priced, I don’t see this as a turnoff. These are quite adaptable and useful as insoles for figure skates as well!

It’s rare to find a product that strikes the ideal combination of comfort and protection at a hard-to-beat price. I’m pleased I found these insoles by accident because they’re a fantastic substitute for Vans ultracush insoles.

7. Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles

Old Bones Therapy Foot Insoles

Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles
  • Made of medical-grade silicone gel material
  • Provides shock absorption and cushioning for all-day comfort
  • Helps relieve foot pain and discomfort
  • Suitable for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other foot conditions

I’m an older skateboarder, and throughout the years, I’ve experienced episodes of chronic joint and heel discomfort from wearing terrible skate shoes and getting hurt. These insoles for skateboarding shoes are perfect for me since they are designed to withstand impact, offer unmatched heel and arch support, and reduce discomfort.

I like how each pair is painstakingly tailored to provide the ideal fit and is available in shoe sizes ranging from small to extra large. Using their thorough measurement instructions, users are likely to get the size that best fits them. I won’t again have to worry with sizing my insoles again thanks to this!

These high-performance insoles, which are made of memory foam and thermoplastic urethane, provide comfort unlike any other while maintaining my stability. I’m delighted I chose to use these insoles as a replacement for my stock ones rather than purchasing a new pair of skate shoes. My purchase of these insoles immediately returned value for my money!

This insole is among the finest for skateboarding in my opinion since it keeps my feet and heels in place while I navigate rocky terrain. The healing qualities of these insoles, which are another advantage, are something I swear by. These insoles actually help me feel less discomfort every time I use them, and they have been proven to aid those with plantar fasciitis.

Despite the fact that they are not the most inexpensive skate insoles I own, I will buy this item again because of its excellent qualities and advantages. These insoles, in my opinion, are priceless. Other insoles I’ve tried that didn’t live up to my expectations are a long cry from these.

Overall, these skate shoe insoles are a step above the others and are jam-packed with amazing features. I am certain that they will take care of both my comfort and safety.

8. Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles

Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles

Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles
  • Designed for skateboarders and snowboarders
  • Provides arch support and cushioning for high-impact activities
  • Features a contoured shape for proper foot alignment
  • Helps reduce foot fatigue and improve performance

Skateboarding has always been my passion, therefore I’m continuously looking for equipment that would improve my riding and safeguard me from the risks involved in the activity. When I need it the most, these ultra-plush skating insoles from Shred Soles offer sustained support and comfort.

I adore how these insoles’ footbeds are made of microcellular urethane, which instantly distributes force upon contact. This provides a riding experience that is unlike any other in terms of safety, stability, and comfort. By simply touching the surface, I can differentiate between them right away.

Additionally, the breakthrough in insole technology known as PrimoTech Skeleton provides unmatched support for the arches against poor landings. Its novel design has deep well cups that increase user stability for greater balance and control. My arches are in place and adjusted, which lowers my risk of fractures and sprains.

My feet become tired after being on the go for a while. High-density gel pads strategically placed on the heels of these skate insoles immediately earned them points. I believe that this is the best there is!

Despite the fact that I think it’s a fantastic product, some of my skate shoes are a little too big to fit these insoles. However, this has no bearing whatsoever on how well the product functions in general. I can see the excitement because of its excellent design and user-friendly features!

The game was altered for me by these skateboard insoles. I anticipate doing more effortless ollies and shove-its with them at my side.

9. Remind Insoles Destin

Remind Insoles Destin

Remind Insoles Destin
  • Made of high-quality EVA foam material
  • Provides shock absorption and arch support
  • Designed for skateboarders and snowboarders
  • Anti-sweat and anti-bacterial properties for odor control

My Remind insoles will come to my aid whenever I need them to bring comfort or relieve discomfort. Users should anticipate nothing less than biomechanically built orthotic insoles to assist in achieving the proper anatomical alignment thanks to their over 35 years of experience.

Due to the advanced, impact-absorbing smart foam in these insoles, they are incredibly lightweight and easily outperform other insoles on the market.

I can move freely since the therapeutic self-forming foam is only semi-rigid and bends to support my forefoot and heels. These insoles are quite effective and provide pure impact resistance. These insoles are specifically constructed and intended to resist the rigors of action sports, in contrast to other insoles that make a similar promise.

After putting these insoles through multiple, intense skating sessions, I can attest to their sturdiness. These are categorized as high-energy return insoles and are also very strong and long-lasting. Now that I’m on the move, I don’t have to worry about flat tires and unplanned breakdowns.

These insoles have natural antibacterial qualities that efficiently manage odor and prevent bacteria buildup, keeping my feet dry while my socks keep my feet dry. Additionally, they wick moisture away like a dream for a comfortable dry experience. These skating insoles are so wonderful that it’s difficult to contain your gushing!

When this occurs, their customer care team will be more than pleased to assist. Some users have complained that they didn’t receive the design they bought. Overall, both novice and experienced skateboarders will like these excellent insoles. I saw the improvement right away!

Where else are skateboarding insoles available that don’t sacrifice one feature for another? I’m happy I made the purchase!

10. Footprint Insoles Skateboarding Insoles

Footprint Insoles Skateboarding Insoles

Footprint Insoles Skateboarding Insoles
  • Made of high-quality polyurethane foam material
  • Provides shock absorption and arch support
  • Designed for skateboarders and snowboarders
  • Customizable fit with heat molding technology

The insoles that came with my skate shoes are comfy, but I needed some that were made for those with mid-arched feet. I’m grateful to have found these insoles, which not only fit my arch shape but also offer impact protection. I like combining the pairs I possess with my skate shoes because there are 15 great styles to select from.

These insoles are expertly sewn from the beginning for longevity. This makes sure that when I walk, the top layer that covers the foam beneath will remain intact. I’ve owned these for a few months now, so I know I got a good deal.

I’ve had both too thick and too thin insoles, so I’m happy to have found these at 5mm to be a wonderful compromise. These skating insoles offer sufficient defense against force & impact without obliterating the sensation of stepping on my deck. Better control and an improved riding experience are the results.

I like that these insoles make the promise that they can stop ailments brought on by flat feet or overpronation. Despite being exciting and entertaining, skateboarding can cause heel discomfort and possibly plantar fasciitis. It does good to have protective insoles on top of other safety gear.

These insoles don’t reduce discomfort, therefore users who already have foot or heel injuries or pain may not benefit from them. However, they are at least practical for daily usage. Anyone looking for quality and diversity at an unbeatable price should consider this option.

I can tell I’m getting a decent deal on their undeniable quality and design choices. I’m eager to purchase my next pair!

What to Look for When Buying Skateboarding Insoles

Insoles for skateboarding are well recognized for absorbing impacts that would otherwise leave feet damaged, bruised, and even severely wounded. Wearing the proper insoles can also help to lessen foot discomfort brought on by difficult leaps and intricate moves.

Prior to making a purchase, one must ascertain the purpose of insoles and the required amount of support. For riders with flat feet or plantar fasciitis, dependable arch support is essential.

If you get shin splits and your riding style involves standing and cruising for extended periods of time, more cushioning is necessary for your comfort. The danger of injury and pain is considerably reduced by selecting insoles that are precisely suited for the feet and offer the degree of protection and comfort that are appropriate for one’s feet.

When deciding what to purchase, consider these crucial features:

Construction of the sole

The distinction between stock insoles and personalized insoles is made by game-changing technology and unique materials created to provide top-notch protection. To effectively absorb shock and spread impact, materials including thermoplastic urethane, EVA, memory foam, and other advancements have all been developed. Users are now better protected from discomfort and injuries brought on by impacts thanks to these developments.

Supporting the Heel and Arch

Skateboarding insoles with strengthened heel and arch cups support the legs, foot, and ankles in an ergonomic way. Additionally, this framework makes sure that your bones and tissues don’t move or flex beyond the confines of what is typical for your body. This function will be helpful for riders who frequently experience joint or soft tissue pain as well as those who stand and skate for extended periods of time.

Protection against odors and moisture-wicking materials

Your feet will stay dry and comfortable throughout the day with the help of insoles for skateboarding shoes that are odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. The usage and longevity of the insole itself are also extended by these protective characteristics. Materials that encourage ventilation are also excellent at reducing excessive sweating and halting the development of harmful microorganisms.

Why Do My Arches Hurt When Skateboarding

Skateboarding can cause moderate to severe discomfort in the arches due to the powerful gripping motion the toes create. Finding a pair of insoles with the best arch support is helpful for reducing tension and discomfort in this region.

Goodness of Insoles for Skateboarding

Definitely! Insoles are essential for safeguarding one’s foot from harm and can even relieve pressure and soreness. Along with cushioning, arch and heel support, insoles also offer comfort.


Although sticking with stock insoles or normal inserts may seem easier, safety, comfort, and protection come first. When looking for the best skating insoles, reading internet reviews and participating in Reddit forums are both helpful.

Riders wishing to improve their performance have found that hard-wearing, dependable, inventive, and protective skateboarding insoles are a good option.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please spread the word to other skateboard enthusiasts you know and feel free to comment below.

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