Are Amazon Skateboards Worth it?

I chose to purchase several inexpensive amazon skateboards from Amazon some time ago. I looked at the ratings, and every single one had excellent ratings—many of them were even Amazon’s Choice! Consider purchasing a skateboard for $30 that has received five-star ratings; that must be a wonderful skateboard, right? Wrong!

Skateboards from Amazon that are not made by a reputed company are not worth the money. The majority of reviews are either made up or the reviewers are paid. You may find out that Amazon skateboards are dangerous and of bad quality by reading the reviews with 1 and 2 stars.

Finding out that the eight skateboards I bought were horrible wasn’t a surprise. I believe it’s a good idea to expose these terrible skateboard “brands” as many websites endorse them. To be honest, I wouldn’t even classify them as a brand.

Do Amazon Skateboards Work Well For Novices?

Skateboards from Amazon are challenging to use and not recommended for beginners. They aren’t ideal for any skater, regardless of expertise. They have flimsy trucks, decks constructed of inexpensive wood, non-spinning bearings, and uncomfortable wheels as standard. The majority of these inexpensive skateboards may shatter in a day.

Purchase a skateboard from a reputed manufacturer and become familiar with how to spot subpar models as a favor to yourself. Please refrain from purchasing one of those really low-quality Chinese knockoffs if you want to choose a skateboard for a kid.

What Are The Worst Skateboards From Amazon?

There are too many to name, but I’ll discuss a few of the worst skateboards available on Amazon to demonstrate how to spot a dud even when shopping online. These skateboards from Amazon are the worst:

  • Minority
  • Cal 7
  • Wolff
  • Magneto
  • WhiteFang
  • Beleeve
  • Retrospec
  • Metroller
  • KPC

They vary in severity from one another. At least Cal 7 and Magneto have a deck that isn’t the worst, but the rest of the set is made of inferior materials. In actuality, the majority of Amazon’s greatest sellers are among the poorest skateboards available. They managed to scam the system in some way, and Amazon doesn’t care.

Which Skateboards on Amazon Are the Best?

Most of the top skateboards on Amazon cost at least $70. CCS completions cost just $20 more, which is a great deal. They are far superior to companies like Minority, while not being flawless.

A few small webstores and a few respected companies are where you may find some of the greatest skateboards. I can suggest a few of excellent skateboards from Amazon that are fun to ride.

  • CC Complete (online store)
  • Birdhouse finished
  • World Complete
  • Santa Cruz Final
  • Full Arbor Wiskey

With the exception of the Stoked Ride Shop complete, keep in mind that these are not bespoke configurations. You ultimately get what you pay for. Even if you spend $100, a nice skateboard still won’t be spectacular. Good enough for beginners but not advised for seasoned skateboarders.

There are a couple skateboards available on Amazon that we tried that aren’t too awful. Make sure to look at our suggested skateboards if you are a novice and have never skated before. The finest skateboard, though, is the one you put together yourself.

Why Do Skateboards Go Bad?

Basically, a cheap skateboard may be identified by its price. Cheap materials are used in the construction of skateboards priced under $60, and production is likely to cost no more than $5 to $10 USD. Skateboards with 5-star reviews and prices between $30 and $50 USD are dangerous to ride.
The Hikole skateboard I got was dead upon delivery; the plys were delaminated, which is a recipe for disaster.

It’s not even built of maple; instead, it’s a mixture of shoddy birch, and the deck is damp. Even when you put a little pressure on it, it bends.

Skateboard deck bending

You can see the deck bending as I put pressure to the board’s front—I drew the green line to illustrate what I mean. This shouldn’t be occurring, and it prevents you from performing feats on this board since they will cause it to distort. It’ll probably malfunction on the first try.

It arrives in plastic packaging, another sign of a subpar skateboard. After construction, the maker didn’t even bother to wrap it in plastic. Although I removed the most of the plastic, some is still lodged beneath the trucks.

Be skeptical of glowing ratings—none of the 4 and 5-star reviews were posted by skaters, so beware of them. If the reviews with 1 and 2 stars aren’t removed, you’d best read them for the brutal reality.

You can probably see what’s going on; folks who purchased this item as a present for a skateboarder shouldn’t be rating skateboards. It is not immediately clear that Amazon evaluations have a darker underside.

Fake reviews for skateboards on Amazon

The reviews are largely false. Some reviews are generated by software, and others are from humans who left negative feedback in exchange for a favorable one. It gets fascinating since there are technologies available to identify bogus reviews.

Skateboards that are completely encased in plastic are always the worst. The trucks are attached after the Chinese manufacturers cover the deck in plastic. When buying skateboards in Walmart, you are aware of what to avoid, which is not always the case when shopping online.

Skateboards under $50 are often considered to be worthless. A high-quality deck costs around $60 to $70 on its own, which is more than a whole, inexpensive skateboard.

Remember that investing in a cheap skateboard will cost you more money in the long run. If you need to change the bearings right away, the CCS skateboard is already very near to becoming a good complete skateboard. Skateboard deck replacement is considerably more pricey and may run you anywhere from $40 (no graphic) to $70 USD.


Chinese manufacturers occasionally approach me. They wouldn’t accept no, and I even had to block one of them on Instagram. I gently refused one person’s offer of $500 in exchange for a favorable review. Because it’s a slippery slope once you start writing bogus reviews, it wasn’t even appealing.

90% of the products I recommend have been tried by me or friends, and I would never recommend something I didn’t believe in. The remaining 10% is things that I’m just sure is fantastic since it comes from a well-known company or I’ve evaluated similar goods.

Anyhow, use caution while purchasing skateboards from There are a lot of the worst skateboards you can buy, but there are also numerous high-quality skateboards.

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