9 Best Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Mini Cruiser Skateboards are fantastic since they can be used for commuting without requiring the user to lug a large and hefty board about. Big, soft wheels are on mini cruisers, which, although being smaller, nevertheless allow for carving.

Although you have to push more frequently than on cruiser longboards, cruising is still a wonderful exercise, provided you choose the correct board.

Let’s get started with the top tiny cruiser skateboards!

Best Mini Cruiser Skateboards & Longboards

Cruiser boarders adore these decks for their aesthetics, functionality, and component quality. This is not a regular list article that only lists the advantages and disadvantages.

None of the cruisers were false; nonetheless, my personal experience might not be the same as yours.

1. Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry around and maneuver in tight spaces
  • Sturdy and durable construction, with high-quality components for a smooth ride
  • Suitable for cruising, carving, and commuting, with excellent stability and control
  • Comes in a variety of colors and graphics to suit individual preferences
  • Can handle rough surfaces and uneven terrain with ease.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the top tiny cruisers. The Dinghy is the Tug Boat’s smaller brother, and it has high-quality, well tuned components. The Dinghy is a cruiser favorite and functions superbly right out of the box! Check out the test drive my friend and I took. This board is an icon.

Landyachtz manufactures its own wheels, trucks, and boards in addition to constructing boards for decades. Their cruisers are renowned for their high caliber and sturdiness.

The Dinghy is the ideal commuter/cruiser board that you can transport with ease. Although the smaller models may easily fit in a backpack, this version requires a strap. These boards may even be carried on by some planes if you follow the guidelines.

It is snappy and easy to spin because of the 105mm wheelbase and trucks, however you could tighten the trucks a little because it is remarkably stable for its size. Don’t immediately tighten the kingpin nuts.

If you ride it for less than an hour, or if you rock and carve for less than 30 minutes, you risk damaging the bushings. I slightly tightened them, and it made a significant impact.

It strikes the ideal mix between cruising and carving while still being compact enough to perform some simple tricks (although for those, I advise using a standard skateboard).

The Dinghy has been around for a long, and through time, its design has evolved a little. It remains the most popular mini-cruiser on the market. Mini cruisers aren’t exactly inexpensive, at least not a good one.

The issue with many low-cost cruisers is that they are constructed with subpar materials. Sure, you can purchase a cruiser for under $70, but the wheels are often made of cheap polyurethane (plastic) and the bearings are typically of bad quality.

Here are some reasons why this cruiser is the most well-liked:

  • It is lightweight and compact (28,5″). ideal for traveling (and even smaller ones are available)
  • You may perform various stunts or hop curbs with the kicktail.
  • The hug soft wheels provide a butter-smooth ride and are excellent on difficult terrain.
  • The board is more responsive because to its mild concave.
  • Price quality is the greatest option, with long-lasting materials.
  • It’s a pretty enjoyable ride that is also quite quiet.

There is an option to getting tougher bushings or taking your time to get used to it. Larger, taller, or riders with bigger feet may find it more difficult to learn to cruise on this board, I was advised. Although I don’t believe it to be real, you may choose the Landyachtz Tugboat instead. It costs a little extra.

Some suggest that this is not a board for beginners, but when I let a few newbies ride it, they seemed to enjoy it a lot. One user claimed that although it felt heavy, it was surprisingly steady, and that she did a good job riding it. It most likely has to do with how stiff this board is.

Anyway, this is the ultimate cruiser that can transport you everywhere and lets you to perform simple stunts. You won’t be let down by Landyachtz because they are a top-notch company and are aware of consumer preferences.


The board is made of 7ply maple wood, which is the greatest material for skateboards (7 layers pressed and bonded together). It’s less flexible because it’s a smaller board. The board has a little concave and feels rigid, which adds stability. Because it gives your feet extra traction when you tilt, the concave is ideal for carving.

Although maple wood is ideal, you must take care of your board. Because it’s made of organic stuff, you must keep it dry. Avoid leaving it outside in extreme heat since doing so harms the epoxy glue that keeps the plys together. The adhesive may dissolve in rain, and the board may begin to delaminate.

There are varieties with black grip tape as well; this type has transparent grip on top, which might get dirty. It’s not difficult to shift your feet about and the grip isn’t irritatingly harsh.

Wheel wells on this board also aid in preventing wheel bite, which is when your wheels make contact with the board during carving. You may hop curbs and even perform a few ollies because to the tail’s raised position (kicktail).


On a board this size, the trucks’ 105mm width is quite narrow, but that is to be expected. Smaller vehicles are often less stable but fine for cruising. Because Landyachtz manufactures its own trucks, you won’t receive any subpar off-brand products. They include premium material hangers, strengthened axles, and Polar Bear trucks. The riser pads assist reduce wheel bite, and the larger bushing seats improve turn ability.

You may choose to ride an old-school or new-school truck (that’s a topic for another day) thanks to the baseplate’s eight holes.

At first, they can feel a little loose or turny, but your bushings need some time to break in. Once you’ve been cruising for a few hours, you may tighten the nut on the kingpins. Avoid doing this immediately to avoid crushing the bushings.

Bearings & Wheels

The dinghy has large, squishy wheels and is quite quick. They measure 63mm in diameter and have a durometer hardness of 78A. The size and hardness (or softness) of the wheel can cope with small rocks, fissures, and twigs flawlessly, so when you’re cruising, items won’t obstruct the wheels.

When you see glass, try to avoid it. Even if your wheels are constructed of high-quality urethane, you don’t want anything to get trapped in them since it might cause a lot of frustration.

Although they are sometimes disregarded, bearings keep your wheels turning. Your wheels may spin for minutes on good bearings, but only for less than five seconds on faulty ones. You can probably imagine how difficult it would be to push a board with worn-out bearings.

Bear Spaceball bearings, which are good, are provided with the dinghy. Spacers that are attached to rings and keep out dirt and dust from the bearings protect the bushings. They’ll last a lot longer if you try to maintain them by cleaning them once a season.

2. Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser
  • Lightweight and portable, making it great for travel and commuting
  • Wide deck with a kicktail allows for easy maneuverability and tricks
  • Soft wheels provide a smooth ride on rough terrain
  • High-quality bearings ensure a fast and smooth ride
  • Comes in a variety of stylish designs.

If you’re prepared to overlook its shortcomings, this is the least expensive mini-cruiser on the list and may still be regarded a good one. I made an effort to locate a board that is considerably less expensive while still offering a cruiser-like feel.

Although the bearings aren’t fantastic, you should be able to improve this situation somewhat by using silicone lubricant. This will help them spin quicker, but if you feel comfortable driving about, you might want to think about investing in a set of high-quality bearings.

Be cautious to thoroughly inspect the deck before riding it since it can occasionally be slightly deformed. Because they are mass-produced, occasionally a defective board escapes the usual quality inspections. Even though mine works fine, I’m still amazed at what you get for the money. For a thorough

If you’re on a tight budget, I believe this cruiser is a good place to start. The trucks seem quite flimsy, and the bushings are squishy. Ride it for about an hour and then adjust the trucks’ tightness. You might alternatively choose to spend a little more money and purchase a higher-quality item. Compared to the other boards listed below, it isn’t comparable.

For a more seasoned rider, it would be irritating to always have to push to keep up speed. If you can save up additional cash, you should get a nicer board.

This board seems to be popular with beginners, and I believe it’s a nice option if you’re just starting out, but it doesn’t offer the best cruising experience. That, in my opinion, is simply asking too much given the product’s price. The feeling of “WOW, new cool board, must ride now” is present. You do, however, get what you pay for.

3. Arbor Oso

Arbor Oso

Arbor Oso
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials, with an eco-friendly construction
  • Wide deck and soft wheels provide a smooth ride and excellent stability
  • Suitable for cruising, carving, and commuting, with great control and maneuverability
  • Durable construction with high-quality components, designed for long-lasting performance
  • Stylish and unique graphics make it stand out from other boards.

Compared to the Dinghy or Magneto, the Arbor Oso Foundation cruiser is significantly broader, more user-friendly for beginners, and simply plain cool. amazing board and components! After my first test ride, I think this could become my new go-to cruiser.

Be careful that this board is quite difficult to find these days; because to the turmoil the world is in, they are frequently sold out.

Although it’s wider and less maneuverable than the Dinghy, riding this board is such a tranquil and calming experience. It is swift, steady, and unaffected by gravel, fissures, or uneven ground.

This one is definitely a decent substitute if you have any concerns about the Dinghy’s size. This board has just undergone testing and reviews, and I’m very much in love. In a nutshell, this board is cool, really stable, and cozy!

At first push, I was in love because it felt so secure. You won’t feel uncomfortable if you set your feet wrongly because of the steady ride that the broad trucks offer. Although this board is rather forgiving and you may gradually adapt to reach your ideal stance, the issue about narrow boards is that you need to position your feet exactly perfectly.

It moves quickly! This board pushes its limitations with more vigor than I anticipated, but it doesn’t seem to mind. Despite your best efforts, this cruiser just continues without swaying. The wheels on this guy aren’t too huge and they provide a lot of traction, so I believe he can even be used to ride bowls.


This deck is powerful and really fantastic. I placed a large purchase for this blog and received a massive box along with the arbor Oso. The deck is enormous—almost 10 inches broad is rather remarkable. It offers a great deal of stability and seems sturdy. Huge kicktail, which is just amazing.


The stability the 169mm Paris trucks provide is something I really like, although I had to adjust them because they are so tight. This board grows more fun to play with the loser you adjust them. Beginners should remember that if you don’t change the tension, things won’t go well.

The bushings are probably rather difficult, and you really need to be able to fix little balancing mistakes as a novice. You will eat crap if you don’t loosen up the vehicles. When we increased the tightness of the kingpin nut, it made a significant impact. During testing, my friend reported that it seemed slow, and I had the same experience.

When it comes to cruisers, Paris trucks are among the best available, but you really need to make them work for you. If you are a tall or hefty person, you could want to replace the bushings to make it more fun, although this is not really necessary.


Although the wheels are a bit of a compromise between cruising and pool/park skating, I was first delighted. For instance, the Oso Artist edition board features 61mm/77A wheels, which is a significant improvement above 58mm/80A wheels.

To make it a reliable cruiser, I had to change the wheels. I now use Bones Swiss 6 balls and OJ Super Juice 78a 60mm wheels on this board. It had a significant impact.


Great bearings for a full, you can certainly buy much better bearings, but this would simply increase the cost of the board. Not the best, but still quite quick!

4. Arbor Pilsner

Arbor Pilsner

Arbor Pilsner
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and maneuver in tight spaces
  • Suitable for cruising, commuting, and carving, with good stability and control
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials, with an eco-friendly construction
  • High-quality components and durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Stylish graphics and a variety of designs to choose from.

This little cruiser, in my opinion, is superior to the dinghies. You can have top-notch Paris Trucks, fantastic wheels, and a slightly bigger board for just a little bit extra. Because the Foundation model complements my Arbor Oso and is a pretty cool board, I chose it.

Wow, if you’re seeking for the greatest mini-cruiser, I believe this to be the clear winner. The privilege of riding this board on a gorgeous spring day makes you appreciate how little freedom we currently have (over here). See why I believe this to be the greatest micro cruiser by reading my complete review here.

I’m permitted to ride boards with my child, but it’s strongly encouraged that we keep a 2-meter distance between us and other riders. Can do, I kindly avoided bicycles or pedestrians if I was going to get too close, but this board dude, it’s perfect!

When my child was challenged to a “downhill” ride-off, the Pilsner made the longboard youngster eat dust! Nimble, quick, nimble, and stable, they beat longboards. The Paris trucks are amazing, and the wheels are fantastic. I must admit that I was astonished to see that it is quite steady at high speeds.

This board is actually the greatest all-around cruiser you can buy (until I discover a better one, which I doubt; I’m simply learning as I go and get to test all this things). At first, I was in awe of the dinghy. The first time you use this board, you’ll realize that it allows you to move extremely quickly and nimbly when riding on clouds.

5. Comet Cruiser

Comet Cruiser

Comet Cruiser
  • Wide and stable deck, suitable for cruising and carving with excellent control
  • Soft wheels provide a smooth ride on rough terrain and absorb shocks
  • High-quality bearings ensure a fast and smooth ride
  • Durable construction and high-quality components for long-lasting performance
  • Unique and stylish graphics to make it stand out from other boards.

Fair enough, this is neither a tiny cruiser nor a longboard. Call it a cruiser for now.

The Comet Cruiser is a respectable cruiser, although it has certain drawbacks. Comet creates customized boards rather than using stock bushings, low-quality bushings, or inexpensive wheels.

  • 69mm/77A Powell Peralte Snakes
  • SHR Venom bushings
  • Precision bearings with zeal
  • supple CNC-deck paris trucks

It’s a really exciting cruiser at first, but it’s somewhat constrained and unstable. If you’re searching for a versatile board, it’s better to stay away.

6. Globe Big Blazer

Globe Big Blazer

Globe Big Blazer
  • Large size provides a comfortable and stable ride
  • Suitable for cruising and carving with good maneuverability
  • Durable construction with high-quality components for long-lasting performance
  • Wide deck with a kicktail allows for tricks and stunts
  • Stylish graphics and a variety of designs to choose from.

I made my wife a vow that I wouldn’t purchase any more cruisers, but alas, I couldn’t help myself and I’ve been eyeing the Globe Big Blazer for a long. Because of how wonderful this board is, I don’t regret purchasing it. Compared to the Pilsner and Dinghy, it is less nimble and agile, but it is still a highly solid and speedy board.

This cruiser is ideal for bigger or taller riders as well as beginners. Find out more by reading my in-depth review.

With the exception of the Oso Foundation, it is the highest board on this page and is broader than the tiny cruisers. Due to its size, it provides an extremely steady ride, even if it can’t turn as quickly as smaller cruisers. As long as you stay moving straight, this one is likewise rather steady on hills; speed wobbles usually happen when you seek to change your course.

There are other sizes available, and the one on exhibit here is the 32-inch model, which is the same size as a typical skateboard. I must admit that I prefer the trippy mushroom design I ended up with since I let my son choose it. If this isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there are a variety of graphics to select from.

I like how the colors of the wheels, trucks, and even the wheel wells complement the design. Gotta love the bottle opener I discovered when I opened the board’s packaging. There is nothing better than riding on a hot summer day and cracking open a cool bottle of, eh, water, so it made me giggle.

Anyway, let’s look at the parts or watch my test ride (warning: it ends in a crash).


Even though the deck is larger than most of the other boards in this area, it is still regarded as a mini-cruiser. It features a straight pointed nose, an angled kicktail, and a low concave (with little any camber). This board looks even nicer (in my view) since the edges have some kind of protective strip that prevents the griptape from pealing off.

The low concave, wide deck, and long board make this a fantastic board for beginners. There is less possibility of losing your balance because to the form, which will assist you stay on the board.


The high-quality Tensor trucks that come with the Globe Big Blazer are pretty broad and give the board a sturdy feel (Tensor is owned by Rodney Mullen). The bushings didn’t take too long to break in and are perfect for me. To improve its carving capabilities, I made a minor change to loosen them up a bit.


Large contact patch wheels that are quite smooth add additional stability. They are 62mm in diameter and 78A on the durometer scale, making for a fantastically smooth ride. They ride across patches of grass or gravel without any problems, and they handle cracks nicely. A thorough evaluation will have to wait as I continue to test this board, but I’ll be sure to include a video once I’ve healed from an injury.

Size Analysis

There is a significant difference. The Big Blazer has less concavity and is more than an inch broader (9.125′′ at its widest point).

Excellent cruiser for newcomers, and I heartily endorse this board for anybody looking to begin cruising. If you’re unsure about the other smaller cruisers, this is a really safe option.

7. Arbor Pocket Rocket

Arbor Pocket Rocket

Arbor Pocket Rocket
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and maneuver in tight spaces
  • Suitable for cruising, commuting, and carving, with good stability and control
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials, with an eco-friendly construction
  • High-quality components and durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Stylish graphics and a variety of designs to choose from.

The most transportable micro cruiser on our list is the Arbor Pocket Rocket. This one is just 7.75′′ broad and 27′′ long, so it will fit in your (XL) backpack.

At first, I was a little dubious about this board, but it turns out to be a lot of fun to ride. Although my feet protrude from the board and I don’t think you should push the board’s boundaries, it still provides a nice ride.

This board is unsuitable for novices because of its size, which makes it more difficult for them to balance. However, it has a gentle concave that provides some more space.

It takes some time to break in the bushings because they are tough. Carving will be considerably simpler if the trucks are a little more relaxed.

The smallest cruiser on this list is a ton of fun and excellent for individuals who want something portable.

  • Hard stock Paris bushings, which require some adjustment
  • Fast acceleration, however to increase speed, you must push more frequently.
  • Not recommended for novices, taller riders, or heavier riders.

8. Santa Cruz Flame Dot Shark 28″

Santa Cruz Flame Dot Shark 28″

Santa Cruz Flame Dot Shark 28″
  • Unique and eye-catching graphics make it stand out from other boards
  • Wide deck and soft wheels provide a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Suitable for cruising and carving with good control and maneuverability
  • High-quality components for reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Made by a reputable and well-known skateboard brand.

The Santa Cruz Flame is very gorgeous, but it’s not for novices. This board is both attractive and clever. Compared to the Arbor Pocket Rocket, it is far more enjoyable to ride and fairly carvy. Some people will adore the loose vehicles, while others might wish to make a few adjustments. This board is a lot of fun to ride since it has huge, squishy wheels and angled risers.

Rest assured, if you want something transportable, carvy, and beautiful, I’ll go into more depth shortly. This is a fantastic option!

9. Custom Cruiser

Custom Cruiser

Santa Cruz Flame Dot Shark 28″
  • Select a top-notch deck.
  • High-quality 149mm trucks suitable for stunts and cruising.
  • Quality spacers and bearings
  • And last but not least, fantastic cruiser wheels!

I frequently get inquiries regarding skateboards that can be used for cruising and tricks, or even less expensive cruisers, for that matter. Sincere to say, most of the boards on this list are pricey. You get what you pay for if you buy one of those incredibly cheap cruisers from Amazon, despite the fact that I don’t want to persuade you to buy garbage.

You may construct and assemble your own cruiser. Getting a broader popsicle arrangement is the simplest. Purchase an 8.5″ wide deck, OJ Super Juice 60mm/78A wheels, 149mm trucks, and regular Bones Reds bearings. Griptape and a skate tool are need to assemble this yourself, so don’t forget them.

  • Select a top-notch deck.
  • High-quality 149mm trucks suitable for stunts and cruising.
  • Quality spacers and bearings
  • And last but not least, fantastic cruiser wheels!

You should choose the 8.5″ option because it is more stable for novices. You may also choose the 8.0′′ standard, which rides really smoothly. You just need to replace the wheels if you want to go with an 8.0′′; leave the trucks’ default (139mm) length alone.

The arrangement is excellent for cruising and is reasonably priced. If you wish, you can even pop some ollies. Add some 1/8″ riser pads from Amazon if you want to ride your trucks really loosely.

Here is yet another unique skateboard for tricks and cruising:

Although somewhat pricey, this configuration is virtually ideal:

  • GrindKing Disruptors with an 8.5 maple deck are sturdy and carvy (you could also use normal Independent trucks).
  • Bones Rough Riders ATF 56mm/80A Bronson Rough bearings
  • 7/8″ hardware and no risers

A skate tool is essential.

All of these boards are ready to use right out of the box, however they may require some adjusting. If you don’t have any tools at home, purchase a skate tool from Amazon. If the trucks seem too loose or tight, you usually need to tweak them a little. I included a link to a less expensive skate tool, but if you want to replace out components frequently, acquire the Silver Skate tool. The greatest tool available is this one.


Not all cruisers are created equally; some are quick and agile. Others are stable and more suitable for beginners. You need to practice a lot before you can ride comfortably, regardless of the cruiser you choose. Any skill level can enjoy these cruisers, including those for children and adults. Others are more approachable and steady while some are a little more challenging to learn to ride on.

Any skateboard can be ridden if you can manage a tiny board. Just go slowly, buy some safety equipment, and eventually you’ll be cruising the streets like nobody other.

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